Presentation Research

With starting out with my images being the main focus of my script I felt that would be the best place to work with my presentation. Looking to then expand on my script I marked out places where I could have new scenes that included key points to stand out.

Going for a more detailed presentation I looked for clips to represent subculture and it’s acceptance coming across this video.

Here a guy is known for going out with his boom box in America walking around at night and having fun with people interested in his behaviour. In this he is seen to approach a guy who’s with a group of people, of friends interested in the same music as him socializing. He owns a clothing shop and with talking hangs the guys with the boombox t-shirt’s (merchandise) in his shop window to support him. Emulating how subculture reaches out to people through word of mouth.

While this video used as a McDonald’s advert showed a young lad behaving as though he was doing break dancing while eating his food. Encouraging the guy (his father) sat at the table to join in a it catches on after being in surprise at the behaviour. Showing in an advertised aspect how subculture becomes popular.

With reading my script more I felt the videos didn’t really fit the scene so much but the idea of bringing people in a subculture did. Due to this I turned to looking for more video’s or research I could use. Considering Malcolm McClaren’s anecdote about having album’s on display to show people that they were part of a secret society.  As he pointed out the way in which Mick Jagger and Keith Richards first met. Making me want to look for this angle. Finding a website with the letter Keith wrote to his aunt about the chance meeting and the blue plaque that came from the meeting it in newspaper.

To make the video more interesting and still wanting to hold the idea of brining people together. When watching football I thought of how sport is conveyed as bringing people together and how the song Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve although holding no connection to football has come to represent this.

Thinking of the video though I also considered how the video focuses on the vocalist Richard Ashcroft, walking down the street in clothing iconic to his style and familiar to his genre of music. At the same time walking past people who hold a style of different subcultures such as punk’s creating a reaction portrayed to their stereotype.  Before having other people come behind him, following him down the street as though they have seen him dressed in his fashion, singing his song and related to his style and music so deciding to join him and building on a subculture of their own.

Considering this representation of the fashion and that goes with music in general I looked to include the images from the book I looked at called Rock Tease focusing on documenting the rock t-shirt’s that have been seen within select bands.


Here documenting the representation through the image portraying what the images show. As with this one showing the movement during the performance, focusing on the musician Jethro Tull and capturing the essence of the performance and relaxation from the colour depicting a starry night. Implying a relaxed feel associated to the music.

While also thinking of this representation of style and moving on to the images of the Osmond’s style and portraying the comparison between the people James Mollison documented and Marilyn Manson himself. I recalled a video that Kerrie Caine and I had spoke about in an odd conversation about music. Where a lad was taken on the Rikki Lake show as a way of showing him up to society for looking inappropriate as his father did not understand or approve of his appearance. Yet when people became to understand him or the other people around him they accepted the appearance more and changed their opinion towards it.

Overall this research combined, I felt represented the imagery and points being made within my script.


Set Up of Presentation

To begin with my plan was to create my presentation through Prezi so that it was interesting to the viewer. However, with hearing in class that it isn’t the most effective way because the audiences don’t always enjoy them. I decided to scrap the idea and go with the option of PowerPoint instead. Being more confident in creating a PowerPoint due to the use of them since primary school and understanding how to present a PowerPoint from teachings I had had to make one effective to the viewer I put off creating my PowerPoint till the end.

With wanting to make my presentation more interesting I mapped out ideas so to make it different and unique.


With doing this I felt the best option would be to use videos familiar to people.

However with being asked to send my presentation with the script and bibliography to Anthony by a set day I set about creating a basic version of how I had it planned in my head. With already having my two main images, I used that as the basis for my layout.

Wanting to keep the layout simple, basic and clean I went for a white option that also fitted with Mollison’s images and the light background in Parr’s imagery. Before then using black text to go with the black and white image and black scene from the goth look I felt it fitted well.

Going with a basic theme that went with the design that also appealed to me I created a presentation with full detail in it. The idea to begin with being put the quotes in and then work imagery from that so to replace the text giving me this version.

However, with emailing this option to Jess Oakes towards presenting I found the file was too large. Therefore, I used my break to reduce the amount of examples and slides so that it wasn’t as busy.

With then presenting my work I got the feedback of not to use the theme from PowerPoint. Removing this but wanting to keep the white theme I felt the best and most effective way was to keep it blank and just fit my images on to an empty slide with no design. However, to make it more interesting to the audience I then added videos from Youtube that I edited in premiere pro so to use small select scenes that represented what I was saying. Giving me my final version.

Run Up to Final Script

Over the Christmas holidays, we had been given the task of writing our script or an outline for the script.  With feeling that the idea of subculture was perfect for my work I had started writing my outline.

This went along the lines of


What is subculture?

Martin Parr

James Mollison



When starting my writing I wasn’t sure how my script was meant to be turning out. In my mind I had already pre-visualised the layout but each time it turned into an essay and I wasn’t sure if this was right. However, I decided to just go ahead with what I was thinking and see how it turned out. Later on when having a talk with Daniel, I raised this issue and found that this was ok and how it was meant to be going. Turning to putting these ideas into a physical item this is what I came up with.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 20.26.08 Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 20.26.57

In looking at this version I felt myself that my script was too music related, when also speaking to Anthony he supported that point about what I had wrote so far. This made me start writing again but keeping the same layout just different text. In my case removing the music to turn it into photography.

Leading me on to attempt 3

Rewriting what I had wrote, as a class we was asked to have the main 3 outcomes, the script, a presentation and a bibliography so that between the three running the module they could read them towards our next apt. With this apt I got the feedback from Daniel about my introduction being to photographic and even though I had included music in it as the subject and mentioned throughout the script I had not mentioned it in my introduction. On top of this my script on the day would be hard to read as it was a large mass of text so I wouldn’t be able to follow it so easily. The best option would be to break it down into smaller chunks. Also as I had highlighted my quotes as a reminder of where my citations go, making it stand out that I hadn’t done my citations. Alongside a few spelling alterations I set about making these alterations to my work.

Creating attempt 4

Not sure on whether I’d get a response from Daniel before the next apt I decided to run my script past Anthony to make sure I was going in the right direction and that I had done my alterations right. With this version I was told again to make my introduction more photographic. Along with him suggesting to book an apt with CAW (the writing specialists). Plus to make my writing be less descriptive as could see what was in the images and talk about more of what it represented.

With previous checking with caw always being full I managed to after rechecking over the day, the next day gets an appointment with a woman called Emma until then though I decided to work on my other alterations. Taking on board what had been said I decided to start with a fresh document and go back to basics. Adding the layout, the images and then start writing. Also thinking about what had been suggested in a previous apt of focus on the body and then work the introduction and conclusion from that I decided to try writing this way. This was beneficial to me. Look at the information I had gained from my research and what I could source on the images I started writing a deeper body where I explained the quotes and the images rather than describing them. Having close to a complete draft for my script I took this to CAW the next day.

Attempt 5

Going to CAW with a printed out version I then had help to reword some sentences to make them clearer to read and so that the terming fitted them better so that it ran more smoothly.


Attempted 6

Once I had sorted this with Emma, I still hadn’t got a full script due to leaving out my introduction and comparison to write afterwards. This meant that once I made these alterations I got to work on finishing off this latest look to my script.

Attempt 7

Feeling a bit comfortable with my script I then set about practicing it with recording my speaking. Finding that it was too long for my 10minute presentation limit I then got to removing parts.

Attempt 8

With a now more fitting script to the time I took it to lesson with plans of getting feedback. Having the presentations split over two days we were split into two groups day 1 and day 2. Going to a separate room with the others for day 1 we set about presenting our scripts to each other and giving each other feedback. Also using the option of a presentation and not having much difference to my original version that had been sent towards the apt from attempt 3 I decided to use this version. Finding from this my presentation was ok, my only issue other than the presentation not fitting it properly, was it had extended my time. Making me want to make my script more slim line so to fit the time.

Attempt 9

Having the changes to my script I was prepared to present it to the class, Anthony and one of the two mentors that was in, on day 1. However, in more of a focus on the script I had not done much work on my presentation other than creating a basic layout. With organizing the rest of my presentation within the break I set about presenting my latest script to the class. Where I got this recording and script.

During this I didn’t feel like this presentation went well and don’t know whether it was due to knowing it was my last presentation, lack of organization in the PowerPoint in the first few slides, always doubting myself or just something about being in that room but I felt more nervous than ever. Making me feel like my presentation didn’t go well and questioning my script and myself. However, just going with my feedback I tried to make the best out of it and worked on my script a bit more to add in the more detail on the areas while moving round the layout so to fit in with Kate’s suggestions.

Attempt 10

With having some confusion on my feedback I tried re-listening to the recording and writing down the feedback so I could understand it at my own speed rather than a recording. With making these alterations I then went to recording myself again and practicing with a more fitting presentation so to time how long it took. Before working it till I got it close to 10 minutes. This gave me my final version ready to present on the day, just needing to be practiced.

Subculture Proposal

After arranging my research and collating it together I felt the best was to make my idea clear would be to create another proposal that outlined the idea of subculture speaking about my work giving a brief description about what I was going to look at to form my presentation.


For this module I am going to be crating a research project through the means of a symposium based around the idea of music through the means of subculture and how music is portrayed through fashion.

My project will look to show how people represent themselves in terms of fashion. So to express their taste in music through fashion and what the fashion explains. So to represent their opinion, thoughts and influences in consideration with emotional impact.

For this I will approach the issue by looking at a range of sources for my research including books and academic articles based on essay and of people who have asked questions about the art of music and photography. Magazines in which subculture is a main speaking point. On top of looking at my own knowledge from doing shoots and previously watching practitioners working in this area. For a deeper insight I am also going to look for interviews done by iconic photographers who have become established in the field so to gain their thoughts on the subject.

This means I will be focusing on the work of Martin Parr’s project The Osmond’s and James Mollison The Disciples. Looking at how their way of working in photography, the time when they created their work and how they created it. Alongside context of the time has impacted on their work.

After collecting my research I will arrange my sources so that I can gather as many points as possible and be able to collate my research from previous points that build a comparison on my topic. Forming my finding into a script for me to use in my presentation at a symposium

In terms of subculture and my lack of understanding at the moment this will be hard. However, with a lot of my previous research linking into this idea, and crossing into my other ideas. The research from my 5 ideas will be bought together for me to create one large life boat post that will define all the research together. Making it easier to understand my research more clearly.

Life Boat Post of Research

Before writing my first script based on subculture I decided to print off all my research and combine it together to make it clearer to me.


In doing this I got the understanding of rock n roll was influenced by blues music. When it first came about people did not accept it and the only place you could hear it was in fair grounds. However, with popularity of people like Elvis it became popular but the times became associated with male artists. Over time other genre’s came from it including the teddy boy’s who are said to have the first subculture fashion. Yet with each genre came new fashion and more scenes that helped what people wanted to represent and say while in turn enforced sexualisation where the idea of screaming girls enforced the understanding of fandom but women on stage wasn’t accepted. Yet guys looked to create a dream and represent their life. With politics and in terms of Thatcherism music changed as being able to relate and became more of rebelling against society as music became more political. Enforcing the most represented subculture, punk with an ethos of ‘Do It Yourself’ but this scene was only interested in selling clothing. Where as before it was finding others in the same scene by having music on display through the use of albums in society creating word of mouth that subculture relies on.  With each subculture there has been moral panic from lack of understanding, media and acceptance as music has become more commercialised.

However, since the 1980’s music has become to be recycled and people relate to the songs on an emotional level. Then buy merchandise that represents what they want to say as many turn their fashion into a replication of the genre or the musician. Which then takes over from the albums in representing the secret society. Yet with technology fashion has died down in society and subculture has become to take place online.

Photographic Influence

While also looking at different trends that were happening at the time. I came across a list of books representing fashion.


1950’S Britain had the first youth cult, the teddy boys. PAGE 20

People wanted to be part of a select society so would walk round with records under their arms showing off their taste in music. This was what Mick Jagger did when he bumped into Keith Richards, starting off the conversation PAGE 34

‘People would sit on the bus or hang around in coffee bars with an album on display to show everyone else what types of music they were into, that they were members of this secret society – Malcom McClaren PAGE 35

This was informative to me as it gave me an interesting case study in which to use and explained how music was when it started off with rock being popular or as a passive interaction.


“The various styles or “looks” were often not created by designers, but by groups of people, frequently from working class families, who wanted to express themselves and form their own identity. Paul Smith

A book based mainly on imagery that was of fashion between the punk years. Coinciding with quotes from well-known people in the music industry who were part of the music scene happening back then. Giving me an impression of what the punk scene looked like in the 70’s showing rebellion and giving a more expressive time as compared to now. This book is one that I will be considering using for imagery in my research.


Famous for conception of subcultures as deviant groups – emergence had to do with ‘the interaction of people’s perceptions of themselves with others’ view of then’ (Gelder and Thornton 1997: 11) – Page 9

Giving insight into what the goth scene is about and how it was formed in the first place. Informing me that it is one of the few scenes to stay consistent within society.


Another book I found was this one. It didn’t link to my work much as it was mainly based on tshirts that had been photographed from the music scenes. However, as subculture has now become a time of wearing less of an characteristic outfit and instead wearing a tshirt with the bands design and name from their merchandise store. This book shows more of subculture in todays day and age.

Through looking at these I started to think about how Marilyn Manson had been mentioned a few times in my research and the video that I had been shown about Alan Jr. Knowing the artist James Mollison had captured Marilyn Manson fans and worked on the idea of subculture I felt it fitted well. However, in comparison I like the idea of using the punk scene as it was so rich in representing it’s subculture but with returning to my research I felt the glam scene that Martin Parr looked at resembled the scene quite a bit and worked well alongside James Mollison’s images. Turning me to look for insight into the two projects coming across Amusing Planet and also looking at Amazon giving incite from others of their opinion to the work as a natural opinion.

After getting all my research together I decided to have a last look at the option of images and what they represent where I got these two books. Helping me understand the images in terms of fashion.


Having looked at how music and subculture had been understood in the past and present, I have not considered how it may be viewed in the future. As the understanding now is different to the understanding where it started out. With this book I did find that it is felt that subculture is becoming more of a technical understanding.

Before going for more of a self-expression I decided to view the book about representing the self.





The self is viewed within relation to how others see us.

Self-identity portrayed within groups with same interests

Talks about how people see and represent themselves within society from a psychology point of view as seen through the thoughts of theorists. Speaks of the different “self’s” in which people are seen and represent them selves with the conclusion based around how the fashion and attitude that we put across is how we see ourselves based on culture.

This way I was able to understand the way in which an image is perceived so to be instead of just being an image and what its meaning is. A image based on identity reads in more and although it connotes one thing this book showed that there is more than the one understanding of a person from it. Making me understand what images will understand in terms of identity.

IDEA 5 – Subculture

Being that it was now the start of the Christmas holidays and I had finally got together my idea of how I wanted my project to go with no other modules to distract. I felt more motivated towards getting all my research out the way from this I compiled a list of research of which will form my Bibliography and went to the library to source the books that I needed.

I decided to look at how music is referred to subculture where I found this book that explained it…


Speaks of how Rock ‘n’ Roll started off as fans wanting fun (1950’s = silent generation) while musicians wanted to speak out about their views they had on the political front. Songs were to speak out against mistreatment from the authorities. Some came from the war front and theatre while others were written on protests and in some cases were wrote in preparation for a protest to happen so to release the song. Giving an understanding of how rock music came about and started out to form into the idea of what I am talking about within my work. Giving an understanding and basis to my work.


Following me on to looking at this book that explained some terms to me in terms of definition or explanation.

  • Rebellion is the spirit of rock n roll
  • Punk rock was seen as the death of rock
  • Elvis Costello questions if glam should be considered as rock
  • After 1980s all music is recycled
  • Nowadays rock is questioned in terms of being new as compared to not being everywhere

This books title questioned a term that is usually known as ‘punk is dead’, ‘grunge is dead’ etc. but looks at the point of view as to whether it is or not in the eyes of journalists, critics, musicians and fans for why they are under that opinion. In the process though it had lead to me reading it after reading ‘WHEN THE MUSIC’S OVER’ of how the music started to now whether the change of music is classed as what it originated as. Giving me a chronological understanding of music and how it is conveyed from people with different roles within the scene

As the topic had become to be based on how  fans depict themselves I thought it might be of use for me to look into how fans portray themselves.


Ordinary audience – buys into the interest through viewing the interest or buying the songs.

  • Fan – Take more interest than the ordinary audience. Feel the need to buy merchandise etc.
  • Fandom           – Takes place in the fans head.
  • Anti fandom – Feels the need to vocalize their dislike.
  • Myths – Conjures up more of an interest as to the unknown about. Puts the star in a new realm.
  • Cults – Seeing the star as a religious icon.

Fan communities have both internal and external kinds of functions. Internally, they welcome, support and socialize individuals. Externally, they organize to act as a collective bodies that represent both their fans and their heroes. PAGE 249

This book was really helpful to me as it explained more of an emotional affect to subcultures. Explaining how people become members of a subculture and are not just fanatics or over the top-screaming people. This book I feel has become one of the most helpful books to me in terms of my work.


  • 1960’s rock music was described as underground music as it wasn’t mainstream or used in popular format PAGE 12
  • Simon Frith has argued that ‘Songs are more like plays than poems , songs work as speech and speech acts, bearing meaning not just semantically, but also as structure of sound that are direct signs of emotion and markers of character’ (Frith 1988c, 120). PAGE 129

Giving an emotional or heart felt speech about what the person feels about or being able to share in the experience of another through what they feel and experience.

  • ‘There are… no masses, there are only ways of seeing people as masses’ (William 1963, 289) PAGE 168
  • Joli Jensen has argued that such notions of ‘the fanatic’ and ‘mass society’ were still very influential in the study of fans well into the late 1980s. She asserts that ‘The literature on fandom is haunted by images of deviance’.

Saying that the idea of fandom is misunderstood.

This book was highly informative and compared two previous options I had looked at of the fan being influenced to be more of a relation and understanding. Compared to the idea of the fan being over the top  bringing together the two points that I had read about and had witnessed.

Returning me to my original thought of the emotional impact I decided to follow up with this book…


Unlike previous periods where fashion spoke a clear and schematic voice of class, gender, and etiquette, the current voice is chaotic, subtle, and complex. It speaks the voices of couture and outrage, power dressing and anarchy, extravagance and anti-chic, subtle dress codes and their disappearance-all at the same time. PAGE 134

Saying that fashion has become to be a way of speaking or saying this is who I am or how I feel about a topic without having to say anything.

Fashion of all art, act as a vehicle for unconscious fantasy. PAGE 139

The fashion expresses a persons thought, it is a way or reading a person and understanding them.
This essay based book looked into the part of what I wanted to cover to make my work deeper of the emotional impact and what the music and fashion means in terms of it. It did though inform me of how fashion has changed from what it was to what it is now.


While looking at fandoms I came across this book wrote by a fan based on fans of Morrissey. Here I got the points of:

  • Mod’s are based on fashion
  • The original skinheads had little interest in politics. The movement was intensely masculine (although there were female skinheads) and working class, and offered it’s members both a feeling of belongings and a powerful, intimidating image. Page 59
  • Style became important.
  • Photographic portraiture differs from other forms, such as painted portrait, in that it captures what is really there. Photography has the ability to show what Susan Sontag describes as “immortality” and to capture events that have occurred “for all time” (Sontag 2002). PAGE 143
  • The act of being photographed is a performative one where the subject takes on a role or an identity. As Anne Marsh writes “the relationship with the camera is narcissistic […] the subject is always trying to act out an image of the ideal self” (Marsh 2003).
  • Roland Barthes describes being in front of the camera as making another body, “I transform myself in advance into an image of the ideal self” (Barthes 1981: 10) PAGE 144/145
  • Morrissey says he is 98% image and that he has tried to pass himself off as being a human being PAGE 145

This book was informative and gave me some useful quotes when referring to music and photography at once. While showing how a musician is based on the culture. That Morrissey is influenced on political insight and the way in which he expresses that in his music. Turning into him then influencing the culture that influenced him. Creating a cycle of society influencing music to music being influenced by society while presenting it in terms of the artist and the musician. Making me want to look at music within society.

Returning back to how subculture is shown in a range of ways.  I started off with every day as the idea of subculture suggested it wasn’t just occasional happenings.


  • The way that we dress can serve either to confirm or to subvert various facets of our identities, such as our gender, race, class and age (1997:171) PAGE 94

Meaning that the way we dress can portray how someone wants to see themselves  or do see themselves.

  • Late modern individuals create personal images, designed both to situate the self and send out culturally – coded messages to others PAGE 94

Allowing people to reach out to others creating a community.

  • ‘Personalized’ identities have led to claims that it constitutes ‘a celebration of individualism’ (Mort, 996: 16) PAGE 94
  • Fashion is a form of social power (Rucker et al., 1999) PAGE 98

It gives the impression of understanding and knowledge.

This book looks at how music and fashion are used within society before turning to greater reach of everyday in a more global aspect through advertising. Then looking at how it influences different age ranges and the way other works have spoken about the theme. It was informative and useful to give me quotes and insight into how music and fashion is portrayed in society.


Looks at the idea of subculture today as compared to back in the 1980’s where you could tell the difference in who listened to what music to now being everyone looks the same. Making them question why is it… no creativity or social media or change of times. Enforcing a key point in my work of what has happened in m eye’s subculture is still about but not as prominent.

Feedback Research from Presenting


With mention by Anthony of using the gaze in our presentation I decided to look into seeing what gaze’s link to the imagery I was using in my script. Here I found this book that suggested…

Direct Eye Gaze – The impression of the subject and the viewer looking at each other. This could be represented in terms of the picture of someone or between the musician on stage and the fan.

Rear View Gaze – Seeing the view from behind the subject. Giving a sense of seeing the scene from the subject perspective. As a gig image has become a representation of an event from the point you as a member of the audience has seen it from.

Giving me the point of view in which the images I have viewed so far in my research.

While from the feedback that I received I first decided to look at the female side of rock music as with the music being mainly male dominated my work had become to be based solely on male musicians. So I looked at options for which to incorporate female musicians into my work.


1960’s were seen as a turning point

The fascination with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead that the time refers exclusively to their works ignoring all the other music that emerged at the time. PAGE 4

This was interesting to me in terms of fashion as these select artists that represent their times are the same ones that are iconic within fashion and identity. Showing music and fshion is what makes the icon.

  • While looking at the punk scene I also came across this book that explained how women have managed to grow within music. Through acceptance and more rights it has become more popular. Along with speaking of how through common trait to go with the music, certain fashions have come to be associated with the fans.

Informing my knowledge on how the music industry has changed and telling me that the fashion is to replicate or to be identical to the artist so that they are in the same realm as the artist. Allowing the fan to be closer in reach to the dream they want to live.

Fashion, Music, Subculture Research

Returning to the points from my talk with Kate and looking at the option of subculture. I decided to start with the option of music fashion in subculture.


  • Represents people from a variety of communities. Thus, fashion and music share the potential for expressions of the self and the community from which one originates PAGE 109

Creating a united front and a respect for people who are like them but at the same time hold a difference no matter what they look like other than their interest or beliefs bringing them together.

  • Martin Stokes contends that music has provided a means by which individuals and communities come to understand themselves in relation to other groups with whom they contrast themselves, thus establishing the ‘difference between’.  (Stokes 1994: 5).

The way they represent themselves is a way for them to understand themselves as the expression is being understood by the world around them.

This book looked at many areas but was a helpful way to start of my research on subculture as this book although covering many styles of music also touched on the subject of which I will be talking about within my work.


  • Goth is represented through masks, veils etc.
  • Subcultures are formed around leisure activities
  • The style also changes with the time

Looking more of the subculture as it is not a word that I tend to use so I know of it and had read of it but wasn’t really sure what is covered within the meaning of subculture. However, this book gave me more of an understanding and a basic look into the word. It also informed me of styles and placed fashion within a context. While also looking at the meaning of different styles so to show the understanding of what the fashion represented.


From now understanding more of subculture I decided to look further into the topic with this book based around time. Where the title suggested a fad (something that last for while something is popular. Fashion where it spans a longer length of time so is turned into a trend or a cult. Where the best way to explain is like a religion where the option is seen as being the leader of the style where the other options aren’t considered to be an option to turn to and only views the specific identity associated to the cult like Goth’s only wear black. This book helped me understand it more through being a sort of dictionary of terminology so to help me understand words more that would have fitted with this topic.

Presenting An Outline

By the 9th December we was asked to have our first draft of our essay arranged to present. However, due to two other deadlines and my idea keep changing I came across the issue of not having a complete essay written. Although I did manage to have an introduction started along with pictures that would be the main artists I spoke about.

From my research I had managed to compile within the week I went onto create this skeleton of an essay for my first draft.

• 1800-2000 words in total for the essay
Throughout the span of music, photography has been about to capture it. However, since [insert date] music has also been worked in with fashion through the means of media. According to [insert name] this started with [insert name] being on the front cover of Vogue magazine.  As time has gone on and through the use of media these images have come to not only represent the musicians but to make the fashion and pictures themselves famous while the musicians have become iconic. This has turned to nowadays as the fans styles have come to replicate the look as shown through this image of [insert musicians/band name] fans [insert name] from his project, The Disciples, of their favorite musicians or to feature a wardrobe based on their music collection’s merchandise. Through this symposium I am going to talk about and explain why rock musicians in particular have become so dominant in fashion moreover, why the culture surrounding music has come to represent the fashions so to form the trends. This will be shown through the fashion of the Rolling Stones, the Sex Pistols and David Bowie.

Rock music is a variant of Rock ‘n’ Roll. It first became popular as a form of music in the 1960’s but as time went on and the trend became more widespread the term turned to being rock for short.


Rolling Stones

  • Culture at the time
  • Represented        class and culture
  • Their media         trouble, bad press
  • Style                      [Wore a suit in the studio with snake skin shoes, so people went out and bought snake skin shoes – sonic highways]

Sex Pistols

  • Culture at the time
  • Represented        [rebellion, anger, breaking the rules, not wanting to conform]
  • Their media         bad press
  • Style                      Vivienne westwood

David Bowie/ Ziggy Stardust

  • Culture at the time
  • Represented        –           sexuality, freedom to how wanted to be seen/stage persona
  • Their media
  • Style                      –           flamboyant
  • Bring it into present style          –           spoken about what hes wanted to say feels more comfortable in himself so has less of a flamboyant style


  • Expression of one self
  • Culture – sense of belonging
  • Want something/someone to turn to. Musician expresses it. Ideology. Try’s to become more of them and styles themselves into that person

As my idea is still jumping back and forth between fashion and my comfort of documentary I spoke about this while presenting what I had come up with so far.

From this I got the feedback of to relook at my idea as it be too much and would be hard to portray photography within it, as music was one area to look at and would fit with photography. While fashion was another area that would also fit with photography yet combining the ideas of music and fashion together and keeping it photography based would be too much. As within the time my work couldn’t get the depth and would only cover over the three topics and not really have time to go into the detail needed. However, when talking about my idea Anthony suggested the option of subculture and how photographers who had sole access to a band documented the band at the time. As it would cover both fashion and music and be able to go into depth with that alongside photography more easily.

While Becky pointed out that my work was male dominated in terms of photographic pieces so to also look at the female side of the music scene.