Life Boat Post of Research

Before writing my first script based on subculture I decided to print off all my research and combine it together to make it clearer to me.


In doing this I got the understanding of rock n roll was influenced by blues music. When it first came about people did not accept it and the only place you could hear it was in fair grounds. However, with popularity of people like Elvis it became popular but the times became associated with male artists. Over time other genre’s came from it including the teddy boy’s who are said to have the first subculture fashion. Yet with each genre came new fashion and more scenes that helped what people wanted to represent and say while in turn enforced sexualisation where the idea of screaming girls enforced the understanding of fandom but women on stage wasn’t accepted. Yet guys looked to create a dream and represent their life. With politics and in terms of Thatcherism music changed as being able to relate and became more of rebelling against society as music became more political. Enforcing the most represented subculture, punk with an ethos of ‘Do It Yourself’ but this scene was only interested in selling clothing. Where as before it was finding others in the same scene by having music on display through the use of albums in society creating word of mouth that subculture relies on.  With each subculture there has been moral panic from lack of understanding, media and acceptance as music has become more commercialised.

However, since the 1980’s music has become to be recycled and people relate to the songs on an emotional level. Then buy merchandise that represents what they want to say as many turn their fashion into a replication of the genre or the musician. Which then takes over from the albums in representing the secret society. Yet with technology fashion has died down in society and subculture has become to take place online.


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