Fashion, Music, Subculture Research

Returning to the points from my talk with Kate and looking at the option of subculture. I decided to start with the option of music fashion in subculture.


  • Represents people from a variety of communities. Thus, fashion and music share the potential for expressions of the self and the community from which one originates PAGE 109

Creating a united front and a respect for people who are like them but at the same time hold a difference no matter what they look like other than their interest or beliefs bringing them together.

  • Martin Stokes contends that music has provided a means by which individuals and communities come to understand themselves in relation to other groups with whom they contrast themselves, thus establishing the ‘difference between’.  (Stokes 1994: 5).

The way they represent themselves is a way for them to understand themselves as the expression is being understood by the world around them.

This book looked at many areas but was a helpful way to start of my research on subculture as this book although covering many styles of music also touched on the subject of which I will be talking about within my work.


  • Goth is represented through masks, veils etc.
  • Subcultures are formed around leisure activities
  • The style also changes with the time

Looking more of the subculture as it is not a word that I tend to use so I know of it and had read of it but wasn’t really sure what is covered within the meaning of subculture. However, this book gave me more of an understanding and a basic look into the word. It also informed me of styles and placed fashion within a context. While also looking at the meaning of different styles so to show the understanding of what the fashion represented.


From now understanding more of subculture I decided to look further into the topic with this book based around time. Where the title suggested a fad (something that last for while something is popular. Fashion where it spans a longer length of time so is turned into a trend or a cult. Where the best way to explain is like a religion where the option is seen as being the leader of the style where the other options aren’t considered to be an option to turn to and only views the specific identity associated to the cult like Goth’s only wear black. This book helped me understand it more through being a sort of dictionary of terminology so to help me understand words more that would have fitted with this topic.


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