Run Up to Final Script

Over the Christmas holidays, we had been given the task of writing our script or an outline for the script.  With feeling that the idea of subculture was perfect for my work I had started writing my outline.

This went along the lines of


What is subculture?

Martin Parr

James Mollison



When starting my writing I wasn’t sure how my script was meant to be turning out. In my mind I had already pre-visualised the layout but each time it turned into an essay and I wasn’t sure if this was right. However, I decided to just go ahead with what I was thinking and see how it turned out. Later on when having a talk with Daniel, I raised this issue and found that this was ok and how it was meant to be going. Turning to putting these ideas into a physical item this is what I came up with.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 20.26.08 Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 20.26.57

In looking at this version I felt myself that my script was too music related, when also speaking to Anthony he supported that point about what I had wrote so far. This made me start writing again but keeping the same layout just different text. In my case removing the music to turn it into photography.

Leading me on to attempt 3

Rewriting what I had wrote, as a class we was asked to have the main 3 outcomes, the script, a presentation and a bibliography so that between the three running the module they could read them towards our next apt. With this apt I got the feedback from Daniel about my introduction being to photographic and even though I had included music in it as the subject and mentioned throughout the script I had not mentioned it in my introduction. On top of this my script on the day would be hard to read as it was a large mass of text so I wouldn’t be able to follow it so easily. The best option would be to break it down into smaller chunks. Also as I had highlighted my quotes as a reminder of where my citations go, making it stand out that I hadn’t done my citations. Alongside a few spelling alterations I set about making these alterations to my work.

Creating attempt 4

Not sure on whether I’d get a response from Daniel before the next apt I decided to run my script past Anthony to make sure I was going in the right direction and that I had done my alterations right. With this version I was told again to make my introduction more photographic. Along with him suggesting to book an apt with CAW (the writing specialists). Plus to make my writing be less descriptive as could see what was in the images and talk about more of what it represented.

With previous checking with caw always being full I managed to after rechecking over the day, the next day gets an appointment with a woman called Emma until then though I decided to work on my other alterations. Taking on board what had been said I decided to start with a fresh document and go back to basics. Adding the layout, the images and then start writing. Also thinking about what had been suggested in a previous apt of focus on the body and then work the introduction and conclusion from that I decided to try writing this way. This was beneficial to me. Look at the information I had gained from my research and what I could source on the images I started writing a deeper body where I explained the quotes and the images rather than describing them. Having close to a complete draft for my script I took this to CAW the next day.

Attempt 5

Going to CAW with a printed out version I then had help to reword some sentences to make them clearer to read and so that the terming fitted them better so that it ran more smoothly.


Attempted 6

Once I had sorted this with Emma, I still hadn’t got a full script due to leaving out my introduction and comparison to write afterwards. This meant that once I made these alterations I got to work on finishing off this latest look to my script.

Attempt 7

Feeling a bit comfortable with my script I then set about practicing it with recording my speaking. Finding that it was too long for my 10minute presentation limit I then got to removing parts.

Attempt 8

With a now more fitting script to the time I took it to lesson with plans of getting feedback. Having the presentations split over two days we were split into two groups day 1 and day 2. Going to a separate room with the others for day 1 we set about presenting our scripts to each other and giving each other feedback. Also using the option of a presentation and not having much difference to my original version that had been sent towards the apt from attempt 3 I decided to use this version. Finding from this my presentation was ok, my only issue other than the presentation not fitting it properly, was it had extended my time. Making me want to make my script more slim line so to fit the time.

Attempt 9

Having the changes to my script I was prepared to present it to the class, Anthony and one of the two mentors that was in, on day 1. However, in more of a focus on the script I had not done much work on my presentation other than creating a basic layout. With organizing the rest of my presentation within the break I set about presenting my latest script to the class. Where I got this recording and script.

During this I didn’t feel like this presentation went well and don’t know whether it was due to knowing it was my last presentation, lack of organization in the PowerPoint in the first few slides, always doubting myself or just something about being in that room but I felt more nervous than ever. Making me feel like my presentation didn’t go well and questioning my script and myself. However, just going with my feedback I tried to make the best out of it and worked on my script a bit more to add in the more detail on the areas while moving round the layout so to fit in with Kate’s suggestions.

Attempt 10

With having some confusion on my feedback I tried re-listening to the recording and writing down the feedback so I could understand it at my own speed rather than a recording. With making these alterations I then went to recording myself again and practicing with a more fitting presentation so to time how long it took. Before working it till I got it close to 10 minutes. This gave me my final version ready to present on the day, just needing to be practiced.


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