Summer Project

For my summer project I was goven a brief that asked me to

“Record a viual diary. It should be intimate and honest as you are abe to be. You should make images from the first time that you open your eyes, through to closing them to sleep”.

The guidance for this told me to

“imagine that the person closest to you had walked out of your life, never to come back… don’t photograph the head but look at the marks that it made on the pillow. Search out the traces that detail the person’s effect on their immediate enviroment and record them”.

This led me to decide to focus on myself. As I feel that I know myself better than I know anyone else; and to document the affect that I have on the enviroment that I am in. My main theme for this was to look at routine and to home in on feature that were key to me, so to show my personality yet keeping a documentary format at the same time. To keep this theme running in my series I decided to change my imagery to black and white yet keep colour in my main features. In return this colour also managed to enforced the childish side of my personality in my work while holding a raw fee to it.








Before creating an image you have to consider ideas for what you want to do. For me this is usually during the work as there are always influences needed, this is mainly from other photographers and in some ways incorporates society and the media. The specific features in a photograph consist of good composition, lighting, technique, detail, emotive, thought through well, tells a story and holds its own style. This doesn’t mean much if it is not known as to why!


To be an awesome photographer at the best of my ability I have to look deep into my research. This is through considering what made the artist create the work the way they did. As well as reflecting on what was good about it and build on any criticisms so to make my work stronger when overcoming the hurdle created. To be able to do this I have to come up with an idea, rethink the idea and consider both points of view. The key part in being able to do this though is to research myself thoroughly so that I know why I chose to do a piece the way I have and what it means to me. 


Social Media

Working with technology is the norm for people today.  As it’s the main way in which people become established due to accessibility and ease of finding the wanted information. Advertising in such way can be a good thing as it means people can share items and thoughts. That way there is never a final product as new ideas will always be available; bringing together a large community of people with the same interests. In return not only does it build on a piece of work, introduce you to new people but also broaden your own thinking when creating pieces. This cannot be done with hard copies as when an image is finally printed then no more alterations can be made unless printed again. These pieces are worth more money but don’t help as much with advertising. 


To get your work noticed you have to focus on the subject itself and their fan base this is due to these people being the main connection in publicising and establishment. These people will be the ones who want your work and will pay different prices for it; they will also be the main source for spreading word of mouth about you.



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Exposure Meter

Today I got the chance to use a light meter.

Exposure Meter

This wasn’t new to me as I already knew how to use one but only even been based in a studio with it. It is for working out the correct settings that the camera needs, to capture images with a mid-grey. That would be found from Ansel Adam’s Zone System.


This is done through selecting the ISO, then holding the remote in the shadows that will be captured in the image. Then pressing the button to capture the settings. This would tell you what would be the best settings to use.

This is what an image should come out like.


When working in a group, we came up with these images.

Here we held the remote in the area with the most light. This gave a white washed affect to the image.


While here we held it in the shadow away from the light. Doing this gave a silhouette of the person.


Afterwards, I decided to use the light meter outside. This I had never done before but it came out well for me.

I feel that in future I will be using this item more often as I believe it is a key piece of equipment to have.