Subculture Proposal

After arranging my research and collating it together I felt the best was to make my idea clear would be to create another proposal that outlined the idea of subculture speaking about my work giving a brief description about what I was going to look at to form my presentation.


For this module I am going to be crating a research project through the means of a symposium based around the idea of music through the means of subculture and how music is portrayed through fashion.

My project will look to show how people represent themselves in terms of fashion. So to express their taste in music through fashion and what the fashion explains. So to represent their opinion, thoughts and influences in consideration with emotional impact.

For this I will approach the issue by looking at a range of sources for my research including books and academic articles based on essay and of people who have asked questions about the art of music and photography. Magazines in which subculture is a main speaking point. On top of looking at my own knowledge from doing shoots and previously watching practitioners working in this area. For a deeper insight I am also going to look for interviews done by iconic photographers who have become established in the field so to gain their thoughts on the subject.

This means I will be focusing on the work of Martin Parr’s project The Osmond’s and James Mollison The Disciples. Looking at how their way of working in photography, the time when they created their work and how they created it. Alongside context of the time has impacted on their work.

After collecting my research I will arrange my sources so that I can gather as many points as possible and be able to collate my research from previous points that build a comparison on my topic. Forming my finding into a script for me to use in my presentation at a symposium

In terms of subculture and my lack of understanding at the moment this will be hard. However, with a lot of my previous research linking into this idea, and crossing into my other ideas. The research from my 5 ideas will be bought together for me to create one large life boat post that will define all the research together. Making it easier to understand my research more clearly.


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