Photographic Influence

While also looking at different trends that were happening at the time. I came across a list of books representing fashion.


1950’S Britain had the first youth cult, the teddy boys. PAGE 20

People wanted to be part of a select society so would walk round with records under their arms showing off their taste in music. This was what Mick Jagger did when he bumped into Keith Richards, starting off the conversation PAGE 34

‘People would sit on the bus or hang around in coffee bars with an album on display to show everyone else what types of music they were into, that they were members of this secret society – Malcom McClaren PAGE 35

This was informative to me as it gave me an interesting case study in which to use and explained how music was when it started off with rock being popular or as a passive interaction.


“The various styles or “looks” were often not created by designers, but by groups of people, frequently from working class families, who wanted to express themselves and form their own identity. Paul Smith

A book based mainly on imagery that was of fashion between the punk years. Coinciding with quotes from well-known people in the music industry who were part of the music scene happening back then. Giving me an impression of what the punk scene looked like in the 70’s showing rebellion and giving a more expressive time as compared to now. This book is one that I will be considering using for imagery in my research.


Famous for conception of subcultures as deviant groups – emergence had to do with ‘the interaction of people’s perceptions of themselves with others’ view of then’ (Gelder and Thornton 1997: 11) – Page 9

Giving insight into what the goth scene is about and how it was formed in the first place. Informing me that it is one of the few scenes to stay consistent within society.


Another book I found was this one. It didn’t link to my work much as it was mainly based on tshirts that had been photographed from the music scenes. However, as subculture has now become a time of wearing less of an characteristic outfit and instead wearing a tshirt with the bands design and name from their merchandise store. This book shows more of subculture in todays day and age.

Through looking at these I started to think about how Marilyn Manson had been mentioned a few times in my research and the video that I had been shown about Alan Jr. Knowing the artist James Mollison had captured Marilyn Manson fans and worked on the idea of subculture I felt it fitted well. However, in comparison I like the idea of using the punk scene as it was so rich in representing it’s subculture but with returning to my research I felt the glam scene that Martin Parr looked at resembled the scene quite a bit and worked well alongside James Mollison’s images. Turning me to look for insight into the two projects coming across Amusing Planet and also looking at Amazon giving incite from others of their opinion to the work as a natural opinion.

After getting all my research together I decided to have a last look at the option of images and what they represent where I got these two books. Helping me understand the images in terms of fashion.


Having looked at how music and subculture had been understood in the past and present, I have not considered how it may be viewed in the future. As the understanding now is different to the understanding where it started out. With this book I did find that it is felt that subculture is becoming more of a technical understanding.

Before going for more of a self-expression I decided to view the book about representing the self.





The self is viewed within relation to how others see us.

Self-identity portrayed within groups with same interests

Talks about how people see and represent themselves within society from a psychology point of view as seen through the thoughts of theorists. Speaks of the different “self’s” in which people are seen and represent them selves with the conclusion based around how the fashion and attitude that we put across is how we see ourselves based on culture.

This way I was able to understand the way in which an image is perceived so to be instead of just being an image and what its meaning is. A image based on identity reads in more and although it connotes one thing this book showed that there is more than the one understanding of a person from it. Making me understand what images will understand in terms of identity.


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