A Comparion of 2 Websites

As a task I have looked at websites and the way in which they present themselves so to draw their attention in. This linked mainly to another module I did alongside this one called Digital Media where I had to create a website based on my interest. This though made me think of how much information you have to put on the main page without using too much information or text. Instead making it easy on the eye but draw the viewer into what they see. From this I looked at this resource so to give me inspiration for my own and for suggestions of many types from the suggested best but for which stuck out to me. Here I was shown a range of websites but to me these two stuck out more…

This website is based on a timescale of the Iraq war and key events that happened in it.

While this website is based on the use of music and a corporate company bringing all the pieces together to support musicians.

These though base their main images on an experimental expression. In the first you are drawn in on the large amount of smoke although until you look further from the image you do not realise it is based on the war. While in the second image it is more of a triangle, like the corner of a cd case with a circular piece next to it representing a cd. Inside the triangle is a macro effect of leaves representing the season it is for. So in both of these you are drawn into the close up, sort of macro piece before being shown the full picture. However, I feel it works better in the Iraq war option as the colours are familiar to that of a map of timeline as what the website is about. On top of the area being based on a high amount of sand which also goes with the colour. Where as in the music website, you don’t at first know what the website is about until you look into it of check their site out more.
On top of this to emphasize on the areas the images are built through a construction of different pieces being built together this is made to be more smooth through the use of computers in the music site. Giving more of a clean cut effect. While in the Iraq War option it is more rough cut in showing it’s layers, giving an impression of rough depths the people are going through and a more personal hand made touch to the piece.



A Useful Resource

During my video tasks I was asked to use an archive site for footage. This led me onto thinking about what other pieces I could use in my video such as sound effects. So when I started looking I focused on what was unusual, not giving me much of hit I looked at experimental videos and was led to suggestions from a web page of useful items to include in imagery such as blood, money, bullets etc. Although it is not much help to my video during this module it is a useful resource for anyone who will need things like it or for any future videos I wish to create. Where then I can include these features into my work plus they resemble the pieces as well as have a experimental outlook to them.

Also of use could be the site that led me to them. A place of which holds suggestion so to find pieces that can help build on your video and knowledge of creating videos. As they say “In this post, we’ve rounded up the 20 of the best FREE stock video & B-Roll websites!”. It’s a way of making your imagery more interesting with possibilities you may not be able to try before hand due to not having the items for it available or wanting to have the items available.

Another good part on top of all this though is that they are free to use, so no worries about having to pay out for anything.

As someone looking to be a part of the art industry for a career, I feel the way in which the work is shown so to make a living is an important issue.

Raised from the lecture based on the cog theory. Where a law suit was bought against Honda based on them copying an idea… bought about the point of no one owns an idea but only the outcome of which they create. This brings this on to the Creative Commons licence nowadays where people who use this licence allow for their work to be shared for use. Allowing for an image to be part of advertising or for someone to take an image/images and make it their own so long as the original artist gets royalties and recognition from it. This though reminded me of an “artist” that I was introduced to before, known as Mr Brainwash. A guy who uses the art especially of Andy Warhol and then turns it into his own by ways such as throwing paint over the image or placing two images together as with the Marilyn Monroe and Marily Manson (Marilyn Monroe, being a common theme that he has changed into many) otherwise the image of The Beetles with Neckerchief’s round their necks.


This as a response mainly resembled the idea of lazy business to those who I watched it with and I recall one person being annoyed based on the grounds of this guy was making money from someone else’s work and passing it off as his own through minor adjustment. Although this is not always the case and Warhol is more famously known. The point is does that then make it easier for others for chancers to then become known create a career through pieces that others have created and where does that leave the artist as such. As in this case Warhol had an idea for an image, Mr Brainwash thought of collaging or painting o top of the image. They both got final outcomes, the difference was the idea but would Mr Brainwash’s idea really be classed as his own or a way of taking advantage of established artists. This also led me onto the news articles I had seen where chains of stores such as Mark’s and Spencer had used designs either from their own choice or due to suppliers which had taken the work of an artist without their permission. This had led to a court case also but was regular happening as I recall one of a girl printing friends images on to clothing pieces for a college final only to years later find her identical design with hers and her friends images on t-shirts in large branded companies shops also. This makes me question what is the difference between the two as Mr Brainwash has become known from people’s work such as Warhol because you can see that it a famous Warhol piece while these people are fighting for their design that they make because they are being used without their permission or acknowledgement.

Is this something we have to worry about as up and coming artists that while we learn and strive to make a living out of artistic ability, someone is looking to steal the work as such so to make a quick buck or to pass off as their own and how much is copied, influenced etc. and how much is an original idea?

Experimental Narrative 1 Minute Piece

For my experimental brief I have been asked to create a 1 minute long video based on either the topic of one of two themes. These themes being:

  • Memory
  • Time

From considering these topics I have come up with these ideas.

  • Memory

– Looking at the mind as if it is a box of prized possessions.

– Looking back at the past. In this way I thought I could walk the streets of which I grew up in, the ones that had been redeveloped and bring in the memories of what I remember the place being like when I was younger. This is my chosen idea.

  • Time

– Sands of time. Showing redevelopment from how the landscape was to how the landscape is now.

– Description of time that could describe anything.

Artist Research

From watching the David Lynch video I felt I wanted to capture a video like it. Where it focuses on darkness and sounds of the surrounding areas. This I thought would be a key element due to memories usually being sparked by things we see, smell and hear. While the darkness would hold a sense of the unknowing for what lies ahead the scariness of the size of life around me. Looking further into my research.

Marthius Andrius

Within this video I was interested by the experimental outlook the way in which the high speed moves, the use of extra light and the close up of areas. Plus added effects to help enforce the mystery instead of showing clear scenes. Alongside the use of sound found in the areas so to add an extra expression and interest in the scenes. This also interests me of how it is shown through the eyes of the person creating it or the person viewing it so to bring the viewer into it more. I feel this would work in my piece as it denotes the route traveled but also it influences me with how i can capture the scene around me in my imagery so to make it an experimental piece.

Beowulf Ru

This video on the other hand captured more of the location of which I would be focused on. Walking along the streets and capturing the presence along the way, showing the trace of life that is about from things happening or from what is left behind from where people have been. So to document the way in which the area is. This is something I feel I could incorporate into my piece as it shows the presence people have on the area and that enforces an opinion of the place from it. I also think that from this I could incorporate some still imagery through my route somehow so to enforce what is still the same even though the area has changed over time.

Sherif Samy

This imagery incorporates two scenes together the reality and something that has been seen in the area before as a sense of this person was lost here in this location but their memory remains as this was the last place they were seen alive. This aspect brings in an idea of how I can bring in the past scenes as I can’t record them now with a camera. So, if I later draw and insert images that document the previous scenery of how the area was before. Then I can also incorporate the past scenes for what the area was like and how I recall it being as I grew up. Bringing the two scenes together and emphasizing the memory.

Take On Me

Viewing this video, I felt it could influence me so to help me draw out my memories onto paper format towards it being merged with the recorded version that is seen nowadays. An interesting part I thought from this was the blank space and my memories all merging into one. So this could make the area more interesting to view.

Background of the Area

Over the time the area has seen many changes, highs and lows. This impacted on my memories from being a tidy, clean, bright place to a dark mystery. Key points of the area…

Screenshot 2014-02-12 00.06.26

This is the area in which to cover. It is mainly known for it partake in the war due to the land being used as an air field.
However, also seen as a swampy and wooded area due to Roman and Saxon time.

1960’s – People moved back

Welcoming area with a future.

Endless community and sports activities available.

Freshly decorated youth center.

1990’s – Cracks, floods, loose paneling appeared in infrastructure. Colour not as vibrant.

Empty shops.

1993 – Some of worst health statistics. High crime rate.

2000’s – Better housing – easier to heat, good infrastructure. Vibrant colours.

New shopping area.

Low crime rate, better health rate.

Gang trouble declined, tidier place.


For my video I have decided to follow this route as it is most poignant for me from it being based on the areas of which I grew up in and live nowadays.


Change of Direction/ Strengthen Work

After thinking about my work more I have decided to consider more of perception, consider the angle used. As the memory piece is from when I was a child, the world seemed larger to me, the buildings taller and the distance further. So I thought from this I could see the world from my eyes now and from when i was younger being a lower level.

Technical Aspect

From looking at this piece I feel it would be tricky to create as I have to consider many features when recording. Here I need my idea clear of what I am shooting and how am I laying it out before even picking up the camera. This is due to me having to consider how I am going to bring the drawing aspect into my video with it lining up and also fitting the video properly. Luckily I am able to draw the aspects after but still I need to consider them through my recording also.

For my video recording I want it to have a documentary feel, a sort of lightness to show how the area is good and the world is more clear to me now than it was before. Plus to give an honest sense of what the place is like as a whole.

Shoot 1

From doing my shoot I found that I was happy with the setting for the colour being strong and the video was effective as it gave the viewer the impression of being able to view it through their eyes. However, I used my own camera for this that only allowed 30 seconds a recording. From this I could easily lose the area and there was too many scenes of the ground captured or the set-up was not straight. So I have decided that I will record the video again making sure that I capture the imagery focusing on the layout for it to be kept straight and for all the recording to be captured without parts missing.


Shoot 2

When doing my second shoot I felt it went much better as I knew how my imagery would appear from holding my camera. This was made more helpful by during the space between my first shoot and my second shoot I had also brought a strap that I wrapped round my wrist, that helped me to keep a better grip on my camera. In visiting the route again I decided to walk the same way but through the route I changed my path so to shorten the time of the video from 30 minutes worth of footage as I had previously captured. However, due to the alleys being closed off this didn’t work out well for me as it meant I then had to walk a longer way until I got back on track to my original route.


Research Affected Photography

From looking at my research, my idea was enforced more to look at the difference between the light and dark side. The dark showing how the area was down and harrowing to me yet the light showing it now and how I have over come the worry over time. This is enforced more with the background of the area as it shows the area is safer and more welcoming now as compared to what it was. So there is less danger about and I am also more use to the place and finding my way around it. The research also made me think instead of just capturing the route also consider what is around me, capture the closed off areas and also look at what is reoccurring that shows a presence to back than as well as now.

Extra Development

From thinking about what the area was like, the part that stood out was the alley ways that have been removed and the underpasses. Due to this I have decided to record extra footage of walking through a passage way to run for the whole minute as an extra layer. So to enforce the journey that my memory and the journey has taken. Also applying more of a grungy look to the video.

Shoot 3

As there was no underpasses in my area any more I decided to go to Spaghetti Junction a place not far from me and that I know has many underpasses. Here I set up my camera so to record walking through it,after deciding which underpass to record in. I focused on the one towards the city center as it had the most run down and burnt out look to it due to the crumbling wall and markings on the floor. This enforced the grungey affect I wanted to capture.



After capturing all my footage I pieced it all together in Premiere Pro. From this I already knew there was some troubles I would have to over come. These were:

  • Length of the video
  • The off course route
  • Change in light and shadows
  • 30 second clips

So I focused on piecing the video together in the order of the route. However, as I need the clips at different lengths I decided to split the clips into five pieces. While working the maths out to be:

1 minute long video! 2 main areas of 6 seconds long each = 12 seconds.

60 seconds – 12 seconds = 48 seconds.

48 seconds split between 3 = 16 seconds.

After working out each section I decided to export it so to form the one piece of the 16 or 6 seconds depending on which option it was. However, the video showed as I wanted it to on Premiere, yet when I exported it in different formats. Section 1, 3 and 5 became all lined, pixelated, altered the colour and created a ghost like form of the scenes captured. This led me on to then using quick time scree recording and recording the video playing in Premiere which gave me the outcome that I was expecting to be recorded. These were then imported so to all become one clip.



Getting to the part of drawing I tried to draw out the layout of what the area was like however this was hard to do so instead I decided to map out the main area captured in my video. This way it could jog my mind as to how the area was laid out before adding the detail. This is the map I drew…

While doing so I found this image of the area which I felt represented it well but from an arial view.


Change of Plan

From the speed of the footage I felt the drawing would not work as well plus as not all the area has been changed some scenes would just be the same as the video recording. Instead I decided to go through my video and find the scenes where the area had changed. Here I would only focus on the aspects of what are new and draw in the old instead. Afterwards I created my drawings.


As the past is seen as a dark time my thought was then to change my images into black and white and form more of a dark animation style. This I felt was the better option to go for than colouring them in black and white as the colour gave different tones rather than trying to create different tones of grey with ink. Here I used adjustments to alter the levels to make the image darker, then turned the image to black and white where I also altered the tones. Giving me these final pieces.

IMG_0002 2FINAL IMG_0003 2FINALIMG_0001 2FINAL IMG_0003FINALIMG_0009 2FINALIMG_0006 2FINALIMG_0011 2FINAL IMG_0007 2FINALIMG_0005 2FINAL IMG_0010 2FINAL  IMG_0004 2FINAL IMG_0008 2FINAL    IMG_0012 2 copyFINAL


After bringing together the footage of the recordings and altering the length of the route through the under pass. I was happy with the outlook given, a eirey dark feel yet holding light in the imagery. However, it did not hold much past so ging through the clips I inserted my imagery. Before I was going to do this through running a split screen.

Instead I placed the images in order and focusing on only the layer for the video recording and the layer for my pictures I lined them up at the length of time and altered the opacity in the layer so to make it lower so both scenes were shown together. However, through this the images had a faded look which was better for me as it resembled a sort of distance, like a history appearing while travelling through the here and now. From over lapping the three levels though I got a final look.



For the sound I decided to use the effects of what you hear around you. That way the viewer would not only see the route as if it was through their eyes and recalling the past but also hear it so to give a familiar sound of a pedestrian. Along with giving the impression that the viewer is walking the route also. This I managed to create by repeating the sound from an original clips and altering it to give different speeds to work alongside the imagery. However, as I wore trainers for the walk you could not hear my footsteps so I went and recorded the sound of walking in shoes so to give the impression of footsteps.

Final Piece

From this I came up with this final piece..



From past exhibitions I had been to I had an idea in my mind of how I wanted my video to be projected.


The one option was for it to be portrayed through a sort of television screen, in a small cube so the viewer would be brought into the scene and would have it encapsulate them. Through the aspect of them looking closer to see the video playing. This has changed in my mind for projection to be a white box with the image appearing on the box.


While the other idea was that of a large scale piece like with this piece. Here it would hold more of an appeal for the audience to fit into it by the way in which the video would have more of a familiarity to the area around it through the scale of the projection. Due to this reason, I chose this option as the best way to portray my piece.


For my project I focused on memory, capturing the change of the area in which I live from a trouble hotspot to now being an area that’s not too bad to live in. This was through drawing the memories of the time in the past and documenting a route that is key to me from it being a place that has been familiar throughout my life

From this I felt the final piece worked well as it captured the memories and built on my skills through video. In addition, allowed me to create something that is different to what I usually do. This project also allowed me to make use of my ability with video more often than what I usually do. In the project it self though, it was successful as the images expressed the memory in an effective way that emphasized the darkness while holding the light. I am also happy with how the video forms an eerie feel to it.

Although I am happy with my outcome there was things that I wasn’t happy with. This mainly was the quality of the video recording from walking around and all the clips being in 30-second pieces. On top of how my drawings appeared in the video.

If I were to do this project again I would use a different camera that would allow longer than 30-second clips before having a save mode cut in. This way I wouldn’t have to consider speeding the clips up by 3000 times. Moreover, it wouldn’t be so jumpy as the clips wouldn’t be cut so messily. From this it would be much easier for me to draw the animation alongside as it was with this version. However, I am quite happy with how this version has turned out.


Martinas, Andrius (14th Decamber 2013) Reminising Memories Along The Marshes [online] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgYZYXKty1k

Beowulf Ru (25th March 2013) Walking in the Streets, Havanna, Cuba 2013 [online] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuMkJG254G8

Samy, Sherif (unknown) Pain Killer [online] http://www.dripbook.com/shrex/illustration-portfolio/experimental-memories/#65507

Baron, Steve (1986) Take On Me by A-Ha [online] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djV11Xbc914

Bateson, Geoff (June 2005) History of Castle Vale [online] http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/castlevalehistory

Google Maps(2014) Castle Vale [online] https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?ie=UTF-8&q=Castle+Vale&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=google+maps+castle+vale&cid=17259331202210212103&ei=WiswU6nWH4eP0AWHsoH4DA&ved=0CJYBEPwSMAs

BBC News (Friday 4th March 2005) Midlands:On The Vale by Patrick Burns [online] http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/politics_show/4314049.stm

Best Premiere Pro Quick Tips (18th July 2013) How To Create Split Screen Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro [online] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEQ8xJ_Fon8

LLA Software Art (August 2009) Exhibition: See This Sound @ Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz [exhibition] http://www.liaworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/2009_see_this_sound_exhibition_02.png

FourFiveX (December 11th, 2013 ) Creative Research by Kai [online] http://fourfivex.net/blog/?cat=42


Video Mapping

Here I was introduced to video mapping where it is worked outso to control areas to do different things when using a projector. This is on a large scale and even a small home made scale easy for any one to do.


Focuses on the use of lighting in the dark. Uses projection and the object being moved like with a car being built.

Based around…

Transformation = creates a pin art effect.

Levitation= floating bubbles in the white space.

Intersection = impression of two pieces of would be put together.

Teleportation = Box is turned around and gives the outlook of time travel familiar to the opening credits of Dr Who.

Escape = Brings in a person (silhouette). Movement forms an act familiar to Houdini.


Silent building

Projection creates different scenes. Also includes sounds to accompany such as wind.

Ribbon and rubbish floating – wind sound

Ribbon breaks

Colour over building – high amount of sound.

Bright colours used.

Different floor – different happenings – colour associated

Building shaking

Person looking through the windows as child house

Building live and unlocked. Layer drop

H&m Amsterdam

This piece is based on the opening of H&M shop in Amsterdam. Portraying the coming to life of the place with high energy.  Where each floor is something different from clothes to kids toys. While the eye shows the unexpected so to keep the place fresh to show they are up to date with the latest trends.


Speed of Light / aka / The World’s Tiniest Police Chase from The Theory on Vimeo.

Pocket projector uploaded with videos.

Runs across items.

Forms a chase through different rooms being portrayed as if it is happening in the room but from a desk, to a wall, to the floor, with sound being based on what you would hear. Only the features are only small like toy figures familiar to the toy story movies. So the small figures have to consider their surroundings of the normal sized room as a wet floor affects the action. Bringing the small action into the room itself and not just something being watched.

Sites available to be used

From a lecture we was given a list of suggestedsites to check out. These were:

HTML 5 Site = Zeega,

A hybrid option that brings many forms such as gifs, video etc together.

  • With this though you had to upload items to mash with others where as I was looking at creating my video in its entirity without bringing third party clips in.

HTML 5 + CSS Based = 3WDOC, Tumult Hype (includes timeline)


Creates a video simpily and doesn’t have to have the clips reconnected as they are uploaded before creation.

Video to demonstrate how the program is used for first use.

  • This was an interesting program for me to view and something that I would be interested in using. It’s form was also familiar to what I use of Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro so it was easy for me to get my head around it.Along with how you could alter the features in the display rather doing it in other pieces and waiting to see how it appers afterwards.

Tumult Hype

Have to pay to have the program after trial ends.

Simple layout.

Mac based. Found on App Store- easily accessible.

  • The use of Hype seems like something that could be easy to do and the use of oppacity would come in helpful on my video. Along with the gamiliar scene of the timeline. However, having to pay to use it at the moment would not be cost effective as I don’t make many videos.

Web Resources iDoc

Online based

Confusing layout

Free trial available but hard to work out how to use it.

Many sites that allowed for making the site better (as a plus) but meant many plugins (not so good).

  • This is a site based on being made better however it was quite confusing of how to use it from when I first started looking so I was put off trying it. This was enforced more by me even quetioning if i was looking at the right site due to the amount of links available via google.

Don’t use Flash

  • Flash is something I know how to use and found easy to do from secondary school. It semt quite fun to do but does not hold much effect to other than a computer game for the out come. It also does not have much of a good outcome either by the amount of times it has been pointed out during lectures do not use it.

Isadora tool ( can screen shot but can’t save the project) can get it saved if want (loan shop)

The main problem here was not being able to save the work.

Not much option for demonstration.

  • From the reading of its about it sounded like something that would be useful. However, without the demonstration it didn’t really interest me as I was not prepaired to create an account on something I was unsure about.

Max MSP – requires coding, MSP PD – simpler option

  • The MSP option is not something i’d consider at the moment as coding is not something I am a big fan of until I have a better understanding of it. It is though something I would like to try as the size of the creation looks appealing to me. As well as the 3D effect being possible through it. From viewing the two sites I also found that the Max MSP was much easier for me to visualize than the amount of text.

Penguin (allows google maps)

Hard to locate.

BBH Labsn (too complex for 1 minute piece)


Uses many cameras, with a particular crew on a trauler for 5 different weeks with about 50 hours of film in total. This gives an impression of the grand scale available.

Morzilla Popcorn

Can create a project easily but need software available to be up to date to use it.

Need an account to save project.

  • This program seems confusing to me dur to its simplicity, here you don’t have to do much to use it so there not much experimentation avaialble. As well as this you also need an up to date device with good internet for the site to be accessible. Which is not always available. However, the part that confused me was how as soon as I was on the site I could randomly click without paying attention and i’d be altering it’s features for a project. However, to save or share this after i’d have to create an account first which was not located so easily on my device.

Interesting Video – Stereophonics – We Share The Same Sun

An interesting video I watched recently is “We Share The Same Sun” by the “Stereophonics” a video based on a regular theme throughout their music videos for the album “Graffiti On The Train” of the band performing with orchestral music.
Within these though a narrative runs from a guy being left for dead on the beach and losing his life as he knows it in “In A Moment” to taking revenge until he meets someone that gives him hope, creating the happy ever after with a woman shown as a mermaid under the water in “Violins and Tambourines“. Leading into a video of the band playing into just the watery background in “Graffiti On The Train” that holds a colour contrast in the background. Which runs a rail way track throughout bringing in the video of “Indian Summer” with warm summery colours and flashes of sunlight. Encapsulated together into “We Share The Same Sun“.


The main video I focused on is of the band as they go back to being the main focus in the room that was once watery. Only this time the water is flashing colours that represents the light seen from the sun when passing at speed as it is diffused. Yet at the same time holding onto the watery aspects as you have scenes of just blue from the past videos. The use of energy from being soft or dramatic to now uplifting and fast paced. Something which grabs the attention on it’s own as it’s been held with cliff hangers up til now which is just a wash of bright colours that make you feel warm and think of the summer time. The simple set-up also gives the magical aspect to the video so to hold onto memories of happiness. This although does not hold much in it’s scenes to relate with it holds true as the scene is based on something of which you can recollect with.. summer time and the memories of enjoying it. So even while viewing it is familiar to anyone viewing it.


Interesting Video – Andrew.W.K. – I Want To See You Go Wild

Another interesting video I have seen is this one of Andrew.W.K. I Want To See You Go Wild.

Starting off with a news report, as the imagery holds a hand drawn look to them they are bought together to hold something familiar to a video game. However, at the same time Andrew.W.K. himself is shown as being a person and not a cartoon. The video itself doesn’t hold much of a grip to it but encourages peoples opinions on “illuminate” from the use of aspects. On top of having a good time fun feel to it.

This sort of drawing is what I have in mind with my final video but not so much of it being used as half will be photographic.

Experimental Narrative Task 3

For my latest task I was asked to create a 30 second selfie but with it avoiding all cliche’s. With this I can use sound, pictures, text or video.


selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone.

For this I decided to try a stop motion option with fifteenth words that I am use to being associated with. These words were:

  1. Music
  2. Films
  3. Messy
  4. Adventurous
  5. Experimental
  6. Cheeky
  7. Dark
  8. Colourful
  9. Talkative
  10. Mischievous
  11. Creative
  12. Hyper
  13. Indecisive
  14. Noisy
  15. Odd

I then took an image of myself and placed it in Adobe Illustrator. Where I then place the letters over the top and formed the words. After this was done I turned all the letters white, removed the image and turned each letter black one at a time taking a screen shot with each letter. After cropping the images to be only the white page I imported them to Adobe Premiere and formed into one. Before grouping them and changing the duration to fit 30 seconds.

Afterwards I moved to the sound where I spoke each word separately. I then imported these and placed them one after another in a new premiere page. Creating my first clear set. I then exported this and imported it to the first page with the imagery. After I copied the sound to create another copy which I changed the duration to 3/4, another 1/2, 1/4 and 1 second long. Which formed my final version.

This is my final version.