Set Up of Presentation

To begin with my plan was to create my presentation through Prezi so that it was interesting to the viewer. However, with hearing in class that it isn’t the most effective way because the audiences don’t always enjoy them. I decided to scrap the idea and go with the option of PowerPoint instead. Being more confident in creating a PowerPoint due to the use of them since primary school and understanding how to present a PowerPoint from teachings I had had to make one effective to the viewer I put off creating my PowerPoint till the end.

With wanting to make my presentation more interesting I mapped out ideas so to make it different and unique.


With doing this I felt the best option would be to use videos familiar to people.

However with being asked to send my presentation with the script and bibliography to Anthony by a set day I set about creating a basic version of how I had it planned in my head. With already having my two main images, I used that as the basis for my layout.

Wanting to keep the layout simple, basic and clean I went for a white option that also fitted with Mollison’s images and the light background in Parr’s imagery. Before then using black text to go with the black and white image and black scene from the goth look I felt it fitted well.

Going with a basic theme that went with the design that also appealed to me I created a presentation with full detail in it. The idea to begin with being put the quotes in and then work imagery from that so to replace the text giving me this version.

However, with emailing this option to Jess Oakes towards presenting I found the file was too large. Therefore, I used my break to reduce the amount of examples and slides so that it wasn’t as busy.

With then presenting my work I got the feedback of not to use the theme from PowerPoint. Removing this but wanting to keep the white theme I felt the best and most effective way was to keep it blank and just fit my images on to an empty slide with no design. However, to make it more interesting to the audience I then added videos from Youtube that I edited in premiere pro so to use small select scenes that represented what I was saying. Giving me my final version.


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