Presentation Research

With starting out with my images being the main focus of my script I felt that would be the best place to work with my presentation. Looking to then expand on my script I marked out places where I could have new scenes that included key points to stand out.

Going for a more detailed presentation I looked for clips to represent subculture and it’s acceptance coming across this video.

Here a guy is known for going out with his boom box in America walking around at night and having fun with people interested in his behaviour. In this he is seen to approach a guy who’s with a group of people, of friends interested in the same music as him socializing. He owns a clothing shop and with talking hangs the guys with the boombox t-shirt’s (merchandise) in his shop window to support him. Emulating how subculture reaches out to people through word of mouth.

While this video used as a McDonald’s advert showed a young lad behaving as though he was doing break dancing while eating his food. Encouraging the guy (his father) sat at the table to join in a it catches on after being in surprise at the behaviour. Showing in an advertised aspect how subculture becomes popular.

With reading my script more I felt the videos didn’t really fit the scene so much but the idea of bringing people in a subculture did. Due to this I turned to looking for more video’s or research I could use. Considering Malcolm McClaren’s anecdote about having album’s on display to show people that they were part of a secret society.  As he pointed out the way in which Mick Jagger and Keith Richards first met. Making me want to look for this angle. Finding a website with the letter Keith wrote to his aunt about the chance meeting and the blue plaque that came from the meeting it in newspaper.

To make the video more interesting and still wanting to hold the idea of brining people together. When watching football I thought of how sport is conveyed as bringing people together and how the song Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve although holding no connection to football has come to represent this.

Thinking of the video though I also considered how the video focuses on the vocalist Richard Ashcroft, walking down the street in clothing iconic to his style and familiar to his genre of music. At the same time walking past people who hold a style of different subcultures such as punk’s creating a reaction portrayed to their stereotype.  Before having other people come behind him, following him down the street as though they have seen him dressed in his fashion, singing his song and related to his style and music so deciding to join him and building on a subculture of their own.

Considering this representation of the fashion and that goes with music in general I looked to include the images from the book I looked at called Rock Tease focusing on documenting the rock t-shirt’s that have been seen within select bands.


Here documenting the representation through the image portraying what the images show. As with this one showing the movement during the performance, focusing on the musician Jethro Tull and capturing the essence of the performance and relaxation from the colour depicting a starry night. Implying a relaxed feel associated to the music.

While also thinking of this representation of style and moving on to the images of the Osmond’s style and portraying the comparison between the people James Mollison documented and Marilyn Manson himself. I recalled a video that Kerrie Caine and I had spoke about in an odd conversation about music. Where a lad was taken on the Rikki Lake show as a way of showing him up to society for looking inappropriate as his father did not understand or approve of his appearance. Yet when people became to understand him or the other people around him they accepted the appearance more and changed their opinion towards it.

Overall this research combined, I felt represented the imagery and points being made within my script.


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