Work Experience (need images)

My final task over summer was to think about what I wanted to do for work experience. This as an idea I already knew… music. As when I finish university and the reason why I joined was because I want to work in at least two of my favorite art forms combined, music and photography. So I thought about what types of photography there are in music/event photography. Where I came up with:


After doing research I then came up with a list of options of places and people whose work interested me that I could contact for work experience locally and as far as London.


Along the way I also found this blog based on how to get passes for photographing signed bands. A main feature based on what I want to do but until now I was unsure how to go about managing to get permission to do so. This was an help as it detailed out all the steps for me so there would be no problems.

Leading me on to going through the categories of music ticket sites to see what gigs were happening of the genre’s I liked. Here I listed the one’s that interested me the most for what is happening in the next 3 months. So now I just need to keep an eye and ear out for any other events that happen on top of the one’s known about.


On top of it I also found this website based on the six photographers (Andrew Cotterill, Andy Fallon, Paul Harries, Mick Hutson, Roger Sargent and Andy Willsher) who work with the main music magazines in the U.K.; Kerrang, Q magazine, NME, MOJO and Metal Sound. I recognised a lot of the artists work from buying the magazines and taking an interest in the imagery that interested me. As well as using some of the artists as research to influence my own projects in the past. Here they show their work, talk about experiences they’ve had/stories, their equipment, their personal website and encouragement for up and coming music photographers. Which made me decide to join it to make connections with others interested in working in the same industry and advertising my art work.

My next move is to now email the places to see what work experience I can get as well as work out the logistics for if it is wise financially for me to travel to London during this time.