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Portrait. Evaluation

After doing this project I feel that I am happy with my outcomes as the image based on someone I know shows a key point of how they become use to the typical behavior. So much so they don’t even pay attention to such things as a camera capturing their image. While I like how the image of someone I don’t know I am able to show an honest depiction of the person through something they have created of themselves.

After doing this project I learnt that there are some interesting ways in which to capture a portrait. Be it through the surroundings, interaction, techniques or Photoshop skills. However, when looking at the definition, other people’s imagery and also seeing what else is available in the surroundings that could help me I’ve found that the images can be turned to look quite mysterious or inventive.

Meaning that although this project has been shown quite simply for my final outcomes if I experiment with it more. I can incorporate more of an atmosphere through the use of shadows as well as practice my skills with Photoshop as I did with these images.  Doing so will then give more of a unique outlook to a typical idea of an image and add extra depth through natural surroundings.

This makes me feel that my project has started off with a strong basis that I can work on to strengthen my skills and give a more unique look to my imagery. I now believe I need to be able to sharpen my sights so to take in the surroundings more and capture different perspectives that are available along with practice my technical capabilities. Doing so will also make it easier for me as I won’t need to worry about approaching people I don’t know.

Portrait. Editing

Someone I Don’t Know

The first image I have altered is the one of someone I don’t know. I felt this would work best if the majority of it was kept the way it is due to it being an honest depiction. So I focused on only removing the shadow. For this I tried different techniques such as Shadow and Highlight which never worked as all it did was make the shadows darker and lighter.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 12.03.56 Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 12.04.18 Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 14.59.22

So I reverted back to the beginning and tried the Clone tool. Through zooming in and out to get a finer detail and the full picture while placing the tool on the area and selecting what  I wanted cloning and to be cloned I finally got the image the image that I had in mind.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 15.03.36Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 15.03.44

Someone I Know

This image I found was much easier to alter as there wasn’t any extreme detail that I wanted to remove. So instead  looked at the image and came to the opinion that the way to get the affect would be to use a sepia tone. I created this through the use of a warming filter which gave the candid affect usually seen in regular cliche images captured when people are out.

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 15.04.31

When applying this to the image I found it was to strong so I applied it gradually through the use of a gradient.

Untitled-1Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 15.40.10

This led to Chloe being more of the main focus in the image and not the background. However, to enforce this more I decided to apply blurring to the edges to the corners using a blurring tool. This enforced a warn tone to the image and made the image look softer.Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 15.15.13

These are my final images.

IMG_0139alteredIMG_0092 2

Portrait Original Images

From narrowing down the images to which one’s I preferred and that I felt worked I have been left with these two images.

Someone I Don’t Know


This image stood out to me as I hadn’t captured images based primarily on the shadow before so this was a new venture for me. From looking at the image I felt it was interesting to view due to the use of shadows captured in it. Also the set-up meant that the person had partially been captured while the image focuses on the full shadow. A honest description of the person. My only problem with it is that there was another persons shadow captured also so I am going to try and remove this using Photoshop.

Some I Know

IMG_0092This image is of my friend, Chloe who I met up to do the shoots with. While we was capturing imagery she spent some time on her phone which gave me a chance to capture  this image of her where she wasn’t paying attention to the camera. In doing so it enforced the idea of my friend being use to being surrounded by cameras and being use to me so much that she didn’t even notice the camera.

However, the image doesn’t really hold that “closeness” as much. I feel it has the concept but the colours are to bold so to hold the depth as much. So I am going to use Photoshop to alter the tones to add a more candid feel that will intern show intimacy of friendship in it.

Portrait. Shoot

Being as I feel that I now have all my plans worked out for what I am going to do for my shoot I decided to go ahead and shoot my imagery. For this I went to the city center, the place that would be the most populated and is a vast area so different surroundings from grassy parks to business backdrops would be available. Due to these different backdrops I would be able to do both shoots at once. From the trip to town I got these images.

portrait con

These are narrowed down to which images work the best and I am happy with.

Portrait. Ideas

From my idea storm I came up with different shots I have come up with different shots I can capture when doing my shoots.

Someone I Don’t Know


For the imagery for someone I don’t know I feel the best way to capture the imagery would be to either capture a quick shot of showing what someone looks like through different angles. The way in which Bruce Gilden does otherwise if this doesn’t work then I could try shadows. However, I will try the shadow outlook as it be a different route to ones I’ve taken before.







Someone I know


IMG_0008 IMG_0009

Here I’ve looked at different ways in which people sat so to consider different angles of which I could capture the image of my subject in the shoot. This intern means I can incorporate them being relaxed, their style and stance. As well as plan the best angles I have available when shooting.

Portrait. Someone I know Research

For my “Someone I Know” portrait I’ve decided to try and show an interaction with the person through a candid look. As the way of which this image is.

As I like the image’s interaction with the person, which creates an intimacy and sense of warmth. It also has a candid feel to it due to the location and set-up. Making it something that can easily be created so has a sense of people out enjoying themselves and wanting to document it through photography during that time.

This image though I can see as being set in the same location as the previous one and people enjoying themselves while hanging out. While also incorporating more of an attitude, style and fashion of the person as well as the interaction between the person and photographer. The angle is also interesting as it emphasizes the angle the person is sitting and the fashion style.

Portrait. Photographers Someone I don’t know Research

This led me onto the photographers I had come to mind who focused on fashion. So mainly I looked at Bruce Gilden’s and Garry Winogrand’s work. Which also sent me on to Paul Graham’s and Lee Friedlander’s work. These created the basis for how I wanted to create my work. The idea of anonymity was something I thought would be interesting to capture.

Bruce Gilden

Gilden was a street photography that is based on portraiture, which is formed into Fashion photography.  He gained fame through his style.  This is based on capturing close up images quick intervals so people don’t realize their image is being captured. Like with this image New York. Fashion Shoot 2005.


In this image “USA. Queensway, New York, 2005. Fashion shoot. Mafia Funeral” which is focused on a simple gesture of the man giving the woman a light for her cigarette at the end of the funeral. However, with the woman being dressed in a ball gown style outfit and the man in a suit and tie. It is formed into a fashion statement instead of being a gesture of respect that it was intended to be.

From this I looked at how he created his work, where I found a street photographers meeting with him…

“Imagine getting into a stranger’s face (mere inches away) and firing a flash. He does that, over and over again. The most interesting part? No one seems to care. Gilden even thanks people afterward more often than not. So much for the old saying about never making eye contact. He not only looks at people, he speaks to them… Use a flash when you don’t need one… It adds effortless drama to the photograph, especially in black and white. You get some background defocus too. Overall it just adds a layer of ‘wow’ to your street photos with little effort”.

I like this work due to the way in which the imagery is captured. Plus how the people still hold their identity even though the imagery is captured in spontaneous bursts. Showing the high impact of preparation. This is the style of imagery that I want to capture for my unknown portrait.

Garry Winogrand

Another person who focuses on this type of photography is Garry Winogrand. He is also a street photographer however he focuses on capturing imagery that depict people in a comical yet at times sinister way. Like this piece “El Morocco, 1955” where the woman is the main focus! Due to her being shown as having an outlook of a vampire about to bite the man’s neck, this is from the expression on her face and her teeth.  Although the person is simply dancing with her partner and enforced to create the expression for what could be a simple reason. Due to Winogrand’s imagination and sharp eye he sees differently.

This humorous yet sinister outlook is what captures my interest in the work as I find it interesting to view. Although this is created in the same way as Gilden’s work it has a different outlook due to what the photographer sees and the use of spontaneous moments. Even though I’m not setting out to create these spontaneous moments in my work I will keep this in mind so to capture some if the chance comes about while shooting.

Paul Graham

Here in Graham’s work he focuses on capturing moments that arise when he’s out and about. Although he keeps his distance the same as Winogrand he captures people without them even noticing. This is the same with this image “A Shimmer of Possibility” where a person is captured sitting at the bus stop, eating etc. Living a typical life yet the possibilities in what their life holds is endless of what they could be doing yet no one knows.

This work I feel is the best level of capturing imagery for me, as I am able to keep a distance plus people will be less unsuspecting with their image being captured. So as a starting point I may try and capture imagery like this so to show the unknown possibility.

Lee Friedlander

Alongside this I looked at Lee Friedlander’s work, which made me consider taking someone’s portrait differently so that instead of capture the person I focus on the unknown.  Instead capture the person’s shadow something that is an honest depiction of the person yet it doesn’t tells you much about them so they are still unknown.

I like this work as it shows a person yet it also removes the identity. It also looks at capturing an image in more of an experimental way. I feel that if my original idea does not work I may try this way as as it is interesting to capture.

However, while also looking at Friedlander’s work I also came across this image that she had captured. This was of a person on a television. This made me think of how celebrities/fame is all around society though social media like twitter. Otherwise on television, on the radio in news papers, magazines. So much so that the people’s lives are taken over by it. Yet the people portrayed aren’t really known just their faces are and what .you depict them to be like from how you see them in the media.

I find this interesting to view and would be another route to take if I decide to change the angle of which I am facing for looking at my imagery. However,for now this is just something that I can use as future reference to influence me on projects.

Portrait. Advert

When reading the brief I thought of the way people’s responses are shown through their clothing and a set feel is created to go alongside it. A good example of this is with the Topshop advert.

This is one based on London’s Fashion week. The key piece I noticed from this was how there were:

–          Silhouettes in the background focusing on the shadow of women wearing the fashion. Yet the women have no identity.

–          The poses create a style of a set attitude from each different fashion trend.

–          The fashion is the key feature not the person.

This combined with the definition in mind of what a portrait is:

“ A painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person”

“A representation or impression of someone or something in language or in film”.

Made me think I would focus on the fashion instead of the person. In turn removing the identity of the person the same way in which the silhouettes have.