Presenting An Outline

By the 9th December we was asked to have our first draft of our essay arranged to present. However, due to two other deadlines and my idea keep changing I came across the issue of not having a complete essay written. Although I did manage to have an introduction started along with pictures that would be the main artists I spoke about.

From my research I had managed to compile within the week I went onto create this skeleton of an essay for my first draft.

• 1800-2000 words in total for the essay
Throughout the span of music, photography has been about to capture it. However, since [insert date] music has also been worked in with fashion through the means of media. According to [insert name] this started with [insert name] being on the front cover of Vogue magazine.  As time has gone on and through the use of media these images have come to not only represent the musicians but to make the fashion and pictures themselves famous while the musicians have become iconic. This has turned to nowadays as the fans styles have come to replicate the look as shown through this image of [insert musicians/band name] fans [insert name] from his project, The Disciples, of their favorite musicians or to feature a wardrobe based on their music collection’s merchandise. Through this symposium I am going to talk about and explain why rock musicians in particular have become so dominant in fashion moreover, why the culture surrounding music has come to represent the fashions so to form the trends. This will be shown through the fashion of the Rolling Stones, the Sex Pistols and David Bowie.

Rock music is a variant of Rock ‘n’ Roll. It first became popular as a form of music in the 1960’s but as time went on and the trend became more widespread the term turned to being rock for short.


Rolling Stones

  • Culture at the time
  • Represented        class and culture
  • Their media         trouble, bad press
  • Style                      [Wore a suit in the studio with snake skin shoes, so people went out and bought snake skin shoes – sonic highways]

Sex Pistols

  • Culture at the time
  • Represented        [rebellion, anger, breaking the rules, not wanting to conform]
  • Their media         bad press
  • Style                      Vivienne westwood

David Bowie/ Ziggy Stardust

  • Culture at the time
  • Represented        –           sexuality, freedom to how wanted to be seen/stage persona
  • Their media
  • Style                      –           flamboyant
  • Bring it into present style          –           spoken about what hes wanted to say feels more comfortable in himself so has less of a flamboyant style


  • Expression of one self
  • Culture – sense of belonging
  • Want something/someone to turn to. Musician expresses it. Ideology. Try’s to become more of them and styles themselves into that person

As my idea is still jumping back and forth between fashion and my comfort of documentary I spoke about this while presenting what I had come up with so far.

From this I got the feedback of to relook at my idea as it be too much and would be hard to portray photography within it, as music was one area to look at and would fit with photography. While fashion was another area that would also fit with photography yet combining the ideas of music and fashion together and keeping it photography based would be too much. As within the time my work couldn’t get the depth and would only cover over the three topics and not really have time to go into the detail needed. However, when talking about my idea Anthony suggested the option of subculture and how photographers who had sole access to a band documented the band at the time. As it would cover both fashion and music and be able to go into depth with that alongside photography more easily.

While Becky pointed out that my work was male dominated in terms of photographic pieces so to also look at the female side of the music scene.


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