Feedback Research from Presenting


With mention by Anthony of using the gaze in our presentation I decided to look into seeing what gaze’s link to the imagery I was using in my script. Here I found this book that suggested…

Direct Eye Gaze – The impression of the subject and the viewer looking at each other. This could be represented in terms of the picture of someone or between the musician on stage and the fan.

Rear View Gaze – Seeing the view from behind the subject. Giving a sense of seeing the scene from the subject perspective. As a gig image has become a representation of an event from the point you as a member of the audience has seen it from.

Giving me the point of view in which the images I have viewed so far in my research.

While from the feedback that I received I first decided to look at the female side of rock music as with the music being mainly male dominated my work had become to be based solely on male musicians. So I looked at options for which to incorporate female musicians into my work.


1960’s were seen as a turning point

The fascination with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead that the time refers exclusively to their works ignoring all the other music that emerged at the time. PAGE 4

This was interesting to me in terms of fashion as these select artists that represent their times are the same ones that are iconic within fashion and identity. Showing music and fshion is what makes the icon.

  • While looking at the punk scene I also came across this book that explained how women have managed to grow within music. Through acceptance and more rights it has become more popular. Along with speaking of how through common trait to go with the music, certain fashions have come to be associated with the fans.

Informing my knowledge on how the music industry has changed and telling me that the fashion is to replicate or to be identical to the artist so that they are in the same realm as the artist. Allowing the fan to be closer in reach to the dream they want to live.


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