The Web Is More Than Better TV Video

Recently video and television turned 60, however the video looks at how their relationship has been through the time. This is by the computer ambushing the television.  As nowadays the computer is seen as being the better option as the computer has the same facilities and more as what the television does. Only it brings in what is classed as Moore’s law of miniaturization meaning that everything is becoming smaller and slim lined. So people are able to carry more about but it is still lite.


  • First built after WW2

It was a numeric integrator and calculator used to solve military problems.

  • 1939

Radio introduced television.

  • 1949

The Internet became a whirlwind.

Built in MIT Lincoln Lab, by Jay Forrester for the navy.

The atomic bomb made the computer stronger as they deployed Semi-Automatic Ground Environment System to strengthen defenses able to deal with complex maths.

A massive piece was created that held most technical programs – lot like what we had today.

This took up the size of a city then got smaller to create first mini – computer.

Goes to MIT and mutation happens. Able to be distributed.

Gives power that people have as what the audience have. Moving it into the industry.

Spacewar – first game built which created principles of gaming.

  • 1950’s

Game was shipped out with computers – mid 50’s

  • 1960 – 1975

Stanford University – John McCarthy and Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab and Doug Engelbert, computer scientist at SRI created the Micro Processor.

Interaction led to personal computing through ethos of sharing and putting the tools to use.

Led into media territory.

Hypercard – first hyper linked site, allowed you to jump to other parts of the one document.

Tim Barnes Lee moved it out of being just the document.

  • 1993

David Sarnoff commercialized radio.

Computers broke into being part of phones and TV.

World wide web was created.

Internet was about pages not people.

  • Nowadays

Internet is about people – audience has a role.

People have the Internet to connect to others, television advertising isn’t needed as much.


The old is the influence of the new.

Movies are the content of the TV. – Books were the content of the film

As TV gets beat up so to form the internet you’ll get the merge of the two and create the new.


This gives the idea of how the Internet came about before I was born but here it at least allows me to imagine it. I do remember the time of no Internet being available. Well it was available but with me being around the same age as the Internet it was a new thing so until the late years of my primary schooling it wasn’t seen as something to be shown to someone of my age. Which a child of about 5 now knows how to use as they have lived with it all their lives. While I remember the first time it was brought into my school at the time as a new resource for lessons and something new for us to learn, and the anticipation from even the room being built to hold the computers and the lesson in as there was nowhere to put them.


From this detailing out the timeline though it makes it clearer to imagine the route of which technology will take as it moves forward every few months and as you try to keep up with it for business-like and personal reasons. It is at least more clearer of how the next step is going to be for someone for staying strong in the business world through the use of the internet.


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