Really Virtual Reality

New media – think of books, cd’s, newspapers being suspended into digital versions.

Was classed as convergence but the word fell out of fashion.
Media integration is main nowadays. Everything is based online.

What is a virtual world?

Here people play a game on the wii, making this now a phase for exercising so to get people more healthy. Mainly getting gamers to exercise more instead of sitting playing play station games. However, from this they get exsorbed into the game and loose any idea of how close the surroundings are around them.

Here the guy wants to imagine the pain is gone.
Even when healthy thought we want to be tricked, transported. Often to places where there’s war.

Thirst of Illusion
Oliver Garu says these

“immersive” techniques have been utilised by artists throughout history to create the environment for worship and ritual”.
Examines how virtual fits into art history of illusion or realism.

Trompe l’oeil – illustrates the love of being tricked.

Early artists interested in creating illusion and fantasy.

Robbie Cooper

Here he focuses on the way a game player becomes immersed into their environment.
Photography used to be seen as honest. The camera never lied.

Does making a representation move it into virtual realism? Is virtual almost true?
Even if prosaic or everyday still virtual.
Artists before BC was also interested in virtual, digital or immersion but they were interested in illusion.

Adding a playful element!

Kurt Wenner

Julian Beever

Using chalk and murals to merge into the surrounds.
Grau – Digital/virtual have exactly the same purpose – create illusion/alternative reality.
Even photojournalism has a sense of virtual. Robert Capa’s falling soldier said to be set up.

In so much virtual how can we tell what is reality?


A blog post on BBC News looked at similarities between war and games.

Enforced by Ofcom ruling that ITV misled viewers by airing footage claimed to have been shot by the IRA which was actually from a game.
Nottingham Trent University – Game Transfer Phenomenon research showing that game playing transfers into reality as the lines blur between the two

Lev Manovich.

“Whose Vision is it? It is the vision of a computer, a cyborg, an automatic missile. It is the realistic representation of human vision in the future, when it will be augmented by computer graphics and cleansed from noise. It is the vision of a digital grid. Synthetic computer generated imagery is not an inferior representation of our reality but a realistic representation of a different reality”.