In this lecture I was introduced to how the internet works and whether there is such thing as too much knowledge. The internet is a large part of everyone’s lives nowadays, so much so that everything revolves around it or people live more of their lives on there than in reality or back up their information. This was foreseen by Vannevar Bush, the then-director of the United States officer of Scientific Research and Development who wrote an essay titled “As We May Think” describing how in time we will have technology that stores our images, films books etc. that also has the use of hyperlinks and metadata to help navigate. To him technology was based over running the world but technology is used now more for bringing ideas together more easily so to come up with new ideas like back in the time of the printing press being invented.

Yet when people consider how their information such as pictures, documents etc. In some cases their only copy is stored on what is thought of as “the cloud” a feature that no one sees but we all rely on, something of enormous scale and weight where all information in the world is held. This is brought into thought with the video from the IT crowd.

However, in reality there is a space where all the information is stored as a range of technical filing cabinets around the world linked to open power lines under the water and ground. Something that you would expect to be sealed but are not. Information of which can easily be found online for how to bring down the internet with an explanation of where the locations are and how to destroy them. Raising the questions of is this ideal to be available online? Why is such information so openly available? How will people cope if the internet was destroyed? as people could lose their precious items without getting them back.

In response I feel that the internet is a key tool nowadays that is resourceful if also making people lazy as they take advantage of it. The world however would not be prepared as people have come to be the internet is the answer to everything if people need the answer, to advertise, arrange something or contact someone then the internet is there to solve it. So when there is a power cut people resort to their phones, if a website down then as soon as it is available there is an online frenzy. If it was to become that the internet went down indefinitely then many would believe their world is over as they lose a lot of their memories and would be bored in no time. As it would take time for people to get used to the idea of venturing outside without checking their portable devices.  However, on a drastic scale the end of internet would mean the end of the world for many as it could resort in the death of people through the aviation control room being affected leading to plane crashes, or the same with boats and traffic lights causing road accidents. So it isn’t the best idea to put the faith in what people search for as a way of avoiding such happenings especially when the devices main tool is to bring together ideas and people who want the same thing.Put in context with the amount of terrorism happening if anything the thought is more alarming that such information isn’t being monitored more carefully.


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