Experimental Narrative – Came Back Haunted

An interesting piece of media that I saw recently was the video for Nine Inch Nails, Came Back Haunted music video created by David Lynch. This piece is experimental from the set up that it is created with the use of only three colours, red, black and white. That uses shapes and lines that represents the sound to form an odd extreme to it with flashing lights throughout. That brings in bugs, a girl that merges into fighting a bug that’s eating away, Trent Reznor, a ghost face that resembes Trent Reznor that merges into a monster. Each time with the background being a plain colour so to not make the scenes overbearing while the happenings are all jumpy and shaky as it changes to scenes of a room with a bomb going off. Making the video original as it has a sense of being crazed and having too much happening yet at the same time allows you to take in what is happening. It is something that explains the context to the meaning as being the way in which giving up music for another career has eaten away until returning to music. With how the decision of going back to music allows a bomb to go off in the mind with many doors for the next route in life being available. This has a different outlook to the cliche music video and is not something that many would consider seeing as a music video create a shock impact. As it does not have the friendly appeal for all which is also enforced with health warnings. Giving the video the affect of being for the select viewer and not something advertised by many as it enforces a sinister appeal over a common feeling. A feeling of over bearing when it is not known of what to do.