Task 3 – Immersive Photography

For my third task each group was asked to look at  range of immersive photography. Between my group we found these options.


This artist focuses on 360 imagery through videos, photos and cgi. In the imagery you have a set colour like pink enforced in the image as well as added affects such as falling snow. This way the colour is enforced for what the artist is focused on and the snow although does not  look authentic, does give an impression to the viewer of what the conditions are when the picture is being taken. While with the videos you choose where you go as the person walking as you are given the controls to direct your way through it. This is finally explained in the cgi as they take a scene and build it through from a model design into a cgi version.

Google Street View 

This piece is focused on the use of google view, an interactive map that is available by any one but is now also used as an art form nowadays. It is mainly seen as a helpful tool by any one to visit any where in the world from the comfort of their seat, with no cost or movement needed. Due to this it is also a strong business for the google themselves.

Matt Field

In this piece you are greeted by a world map that marks out places in different countries. Each marker represent a place used for a project created within the project. After it loads it then allows you to move around the place at your own free will as if you are walking round in a circle viewing your surroundings.

Hillel Steinberg

This set of images shows immersion in a different way. Here a range of 75 images are used in sequence are stitched together after being aligned. Each one turned round but with extra thought put into each to make sure each piece is captured without leaving a gap or being out of line. To add affect a fish eye lens is used so to capture the surroundings area and makes it that all that is seen in that area by the eye is captured with each footpath being a different route to focus on.

Maya Press

With this immersive project, you are brought into the work straight away as when you see the image due to the angle used it is seen as being it’s your response. You first see shapes with a blue center before realising you are looking into the sky from the center point based around a range of buildings with you set inside.

Immersion in a Different Way

Chino Otsuka

Here Otsuka places herself within an already captured image through the use of digital techniques. That way a recent version of herself is shown by the child version once captured in the picture. Giving a sense of being an adult supervising a child although both are the same person.

Dan Wiltz

For this piece, the images are set as simple portraits where only a range of girls are photographed focusing on their phone. Here the only light available is from the phone so to show that all the girls are interested in is what happening on their phone.

Robbie Cooper

Here Cooper looked at people who have video game avatars so to show how they want to be. As in many cases people tend to create avatars that resemble themselves otherwise they go to the polar opposite and invent an avatar for them to be their desired person. Whether it’s what they prefer their dreamed of partner to be like or how they dream of seeing them selves as either taller, slimmer etc.



Bullshit and the Art of Crap Detection – Neil Postman

From reading the book I gathered the impression of the meaning of set words.
Here I read that people

  • crap – detecting came from Ernest Hemingway.
  • One quality needed above all others… “Yes a built in, shock proof, crap-detector”.
  • Big words are used when not sure what to say.
  • Pomposity – Way people try to show they are better than others.
  • Fanaticism – (bigotry) Only confirms own point of view.
  • Inanity – Entertainers mainly. An opinion given from the point of view of someone who is listened to but has no idea what they are talking about.
  • Superstition – Where the own beliefs are correct over something else as they believe in it.


Postman’s Law 

Third law –

“At any given time, the chief source of bullshit with which you have to contend is yourself.”

Forth law –

“Almost nothing is about what you think it is about–including you.”

Saying nothing is what you think it is including yourself as we never know ourselves never mind others.

Crap detection is what happens when someone becomes a certain type of person.


This I feel is interesting as when you become more inept with social networking or with your name the more a platform someone is given. Making it that they are then able to reach out to more people and get their points across but then some do use it to enforces their thoughts over people who support them. So with a module based on using social media and being based in a world that is based around social-media now it is easier to get followers and to preach than it is to consider both sides. Especially when it is easier nowadays trying to over come others as a sense of superiority.