Portrait Original Images

From narrowing down the images to which one’s I preferred and that I felt worked I have been left with these two images.

Someone I Don’t Know


This image stood out to me as I hadn’t captured images based primarily on the shadow before so this was a new venture for me. From looking at the image I felt it was interesting to view due to the use of shadows captured in it. Also the set-up meant that the person had partially been captured while the image focuses on the full shadow. A honest description of the person. My only problem with it is that there was another persons shadow captured also so I am going to try and remove this using Photoshop.

Some I Know

IMG_0092This image is of my friend, Chloe who I met up to do the shoots with. While we was capturing imagery she spent some time on her phone which gave me a chance to capture  this image of her where she wasn’t paying attention to the camera. In doing so it enforced the idea of my friend being use to being surrounded by cameras and being use to me so much that she didn’t even notice the camera.

However, the image doesn’t really hold that “closeness” as much. I feel it has the concept but the colours are to bold so to hold the depth as much. So I am going to use Photoshop to alter the tones to add a more candid feel that will intern show intimacy of friendship in it.


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