Portrait. Evaluation

After doing this project I feel that I am happy with my outcomes as the image based on someone I know shows a key point of how they become use to the typical behavior. So much so they don’t even pay attention to such things as a camera capturing their image. While I like how the image of someone I don’t know I am able to show an honest depiction of the person through something they have created of themselves.

After doing this project I learnt that there are some interesting ways in which to capture a portrait. Be it through the surroundings, interaction, techniques or Photoshop skills. However, when looking at the definition, other people’s imagery and also seeing what else is available in the surroundings that could help me I’ve found that the images can be turned to look quite mysterious or inventive.

Meaning that although this project has been shown quite simply for my final outcomes if I experiment with it more. I can incorporate more of an atmosphere through the use of shadows as well as practice my skills with Photoshop as I did with these images.  Doing so will then give more of a unique outlook to a typical idea of an image and add extra depth through natural surroundings.

This makes me feel that my project has started off with a strong basis that I can work on to strengthen my skills and give a more unique look to my imagery. I now believe I need to be able to sharpen my sights so to take in the surroundings more and capture different perspectives that are available along with practice my technical capabilities. Doing so will also make it easier for me as I won’t need to worry about approaching people I don’t know.


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