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Deciding to look at the option of music videos I had a think about what ones I could come up with that could help influence me that look at the option of music affect on society or how music has spoken about the way an area or society had become being represented in a song.

The Specials – Ghost Town

This video being created by The Specials, who are driving around Coventry, through it’s main route and close to the city center. To show how much of the area is closed and how nobody is about compared to before and now, when Coventry was at the forefront for new ideas and being one of the best places for industries. In turn creating the idea of a ghost town, with everything dying. This is emulated in a black and white image and sad expressions to enforce the gloom of the time. Making this video one of the most famous ones to come out of Coventry









This was also emulated in this parody song of Alicia Keys New York, done by people who are famous from Newport. Talking about how Newport is seen in general and how it is important to them with a comical response. While the famous faces react in jokingly ways, in front of backdrops associated with why they are famous, alongside photographs that are key scenes within the area. In turn bringing celebrities together to help support a charity and raise money from the audience.


Another option like this, is this music video by Bartholomew Cubbins (Jared Leto) where the band themselves and people they are associated with, speak about how the place, Los Angeles is known as being full of dreams, the American dream and where celebrities are mainly sought to be creating a sense of wealth. However, even without the wealth and being homeless the band documents how all the people love the area and why they have chosen the area. In turn suggesting to the viewers, mainly fans of the band that the places you live in influence you and that you can live any life so long as you dream big enough and go for it.


Turning my idea for research into a different angle, I thought of this video that doesn’t emulate the area but instead looks at the idea associated with society and peoples behavior. This one focusing on the behavior that was popular and iconic to society at the time. To emphasize this the colour and set-up of the images are portrayed to represent the 70’s scene. Creating a time familiar to then even though it being clear that the scene is posed.

APT with David Moore

After a talk from the first visiting practitioner, David Moore I gathered some notes that I felt were interesting in the way in which he works. These were:

  • Look at the space not what the area is used for
  • Look at how you can use the restrictions instead of allowing them to restrict you
  • The lack of information can be more informative

Later on I had an apt with him about my FMP idea, here I got some suggestions to help my work…

  • Email the people to get insight into their work and their thoughts on the subject.
  • Look into the background of the Specials and their effect on the area.
  • Artic Monkey’s bought the pub they first played at in Sheffield now they own a chain of them. (Brian)


APT with Emma Critchley

For a second week of visiting practitioners I heard about Emma Critchley underwater photography. I was interested in how she used the form of water and also looked at the use of interest becomes dependency.

Later on for another apt I had the suggestions of:

  • Deciding which way to direct my work – the change of landscape or the personal response?
  • Look at different music scenes.
  • For personal response get peoples old images and memories if can and show them as how it was to how it is now



While the third practitioner was David Rule I found his work to be quite interesting in terms of how he laid out his book and how he created his work based on text, giving me the idea to do this style of thing for explaining the venue from what I came across for the locations.

However, with an apt I was suggested some work in which to look at. These were:

Look at the work of David Campany

It was also suggested by Olly Wood that I spoke to Jason Scott Tilley about the project he worked on based around music when Coventry was popular in the charts.


With looking at my feedback from my apt’s I turned to searching out information


Artic Monkey’s buying a pub this I found to be interested as it gave the impression of how the musician’s have become the owner’s of music venue’s so to help build more of a popular chain of venue’s to support up and coming artists and to give a different option to being the regular night club suggesting that the members of the band are looking to keep hold of a heritage as there is not much option for live music and recorded dj style.


While with reading this article I came across an explanation that encapsulated why The Special’s became popular at the point of their career as the lyric’s such as “No Job’s to be found in this country” explained the way in which  Coventry had gone from doing so well to being that they had no industries and families were falling apart, only as suggested this was not just Coventry that were like it but also the other cities or places throughout the U.K. Making it that even though everywhere was going through the same issue the Special’s helped put Coventry on the map as they were prepared to speak out against the issues of the time. This is also interesting as the song becomes popular although the idea lies that even nowadays the song is still poignant nowadays as it was back then even though there is over 30 years difference between the times even though the country has moved forward. Suggesting the idea that the country is in a sense of a ground hog day.


With being suggested to look at the essays of David Campany I looked to see what ones there was that could influence my work. Here I came across Architecture as Photography; I found this interesting as it pretty much summed up my project. Here it gave an understanding of a comparison between photography and architecture where the photograph can be held but a building can’t yet even with this a building can be used and given a different meaning and interpretation based on what the place or image is used for. Resonating the idea with me that a building is like a mempory.

proposal 2

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 03.39.49


From what I had written already informing the class of my project I decided to respond to these question and thoughts to inform myself and my work.


Physical or digital – depends how the project turns out but I am thinking more of digital within the idea of a zine or a portfolio of small images where the portfolio is in fact a cd case that holds multiple cd’s.


Insider or outsider – again I am not sure I would like to consider both however I would like to work on the outside as I feel this option isn’t looked at as much as the inside of buildings is but this will also depend on how the project turns out once I start shooting.


Represent the music scene without the music – this is an interesting angle that I think I might build into my work.


In terms of boundaries I know that I can’t capture all of the venues throughout the country so I have decided to narrow my work down to being based on the West Midlands.



With considering with where to shoot I felt the best option for my work was to capture the West Midlands as it has a rich sense of music within the area. This is usually a well-represented theme of … come from here so felt it would be a strong concept for my work. Especially as the range of areas would give a different amount of places due to this I decided my focus would be the immediate area and that I could frequent most easily and repeatedly at any point giving me a wide area to cover but at the same narrowing it down to set a boundary.




music and memory

Before I looked into what the music industry was like with the area of West Midland’s over all I felt a good place to start would be with the idea of memory. This started off with me thinking about the books I had looked at for my research during my symposium as I felt it influenced with me especially as the idea of the high use of music meant that it related more with an idea of time and it managed to stick with people more due to the use of overplaying the song’s that were more recent. At the same time the impression of subculture or political songs were about an idea of understanding, a sense of we are not going to stand for these actions any more and we want to rebel and even though the punk ethos only lasted for a short time the idea of being able to connect with people or the same interest meant that the members of the subculture weren’t alone but more of trying to relate to others and the way they felt at the time, the way society and the condition of the country was.

Leading me on to looking at articles where I found one called Music and Memories, this article spoke of how the first action to do once we’ve been isolated from the norm of society is to turn to music and explained the idea that music is so important as it is everywhere we go whether shopping or just having a tv on. This then followed on to an in-depth study about testing students about how they are influenced through music by looking at what songs were popular when the people were young and how the song plays on the mind based on memory it sparks and how whether they like or dislike the song is based on the memory associated with it. In turn giving an impression of people is influenced by what they remember and in turn this creates their taste and style.

While with another article by the BBC called “Why does music evoke memories?” the idea of music being an influence on memory is explained as being the more we hear the song the more it then holds an influence a song that represents part of someone’s life meaning the person can recall memories more through hearing a song than what they can with trying to just think of the memories without any use of music.

The final article that I looked at called “Music and the Brain” suggested a more insightful response in this I found out that Albert Einsteen managed to become a scientist through the use of music and used music to help understand his equations. While a way of encouraging intelligence is to use music as studies suggest that the music encourages holding a memory and can encourage growth in any living organism.


100 UK Music Venues Revealed

Afterwards I moved on to look at what venues were most popular where I found a list that had been compiled by PRS for Music. With looking through this list I found that Birmingham 02 Academy was in the top 10. Along with HMV Institute, Symphony Hall, Birmingham Town Hall, The Slade Rooms and Huntingdon Hall all making appearance. This I found interesting as with some like the o2 academy it was expected from being one of the most popular venues however at the same time unknown venues were also included making me think that the reason for it was based on the times that had been had was something special and showed that that was more popular through the memories rather than just the usual place to go.

Redditch is Least Musical Place in the UK

Through this paper it was shown of where in the U.K. was the most and least musical places and how this was all dependent on a range of aspects including financial background and the education and understanding. Giving a sense of the areas musicial heritage and support isn’t encouraged as much in this area even though some well known names have come from the place. This in turn adds an interesting twist being that many people of Redditch classes themselves as Brummies but also the area is based within Worcester, adding an interesting twist when the place is so close to the two areas that are predominant within the music scene and have some of the best venues but even still with well known names coming from the place the area still lacks a musical connection.

Redditch shoot

This led me to go and do a shoot in Redditch as I felt there must be some connection to music and I felt it would be the best place to start with looking at what remains being that the connection that Redditch once had has faded away.

When I got there though I found that there was quite a bit of a musical influence on the area, this was through quite a few of the shops having a link through being called things like Mambo Number 5. This I was not expecting due to the idea that the area doesn’t have that much representation any more.

With doing the shoot though I found it went quite well as I managed to get some images that were interesting however I felt they were not that special as there was many intruding objects and not much in the area to shoot. From this though I did get this image as a starting point.  However, due to the car it was not how I wanted.


Aferwards I had an apt with my lecturer Anthony, with speaking to him about the image it was suggested that I captured the image with a different lighting as my image focused on daytime but it would be much stronger to capture at sunset. Also suggested was that I captured the scene with no one in the area so to create a sense of emptiness.


With then looking to move to a more musically influenced area I decided to look into the area of Birmingham’s music scene.   With previously having visited the Home of Metal based on Birmingham’s music scene I felt this was insightful to me in understanding the area’s scene especially as it gave an insight into why the area is popular within the music scene.

IMG_4460 IMG_4462

However, to look further into the scene I searched to see what I could find based on the music venues within Birmingham, especially as some many of the venues are highly praised. Here I came across an article based on a guide and insight of how well established each venue was. This in turn gave an impression of how well established each place is and how prominent the venue is within the area as compared to other highly rated places in terms of logistics. To go alongside this I also found a article that suggested Birmingham’s best 10 venues giving a sense of difference between the two as it showed more of Birmingham’s most frequented and publicized venues where as the other article looked at more of a consideration for the unknown smaller venues.

In turn with this in mind I visited a website I had viewed before that listed all the venues in Birmingham giving me a full list of places in which to view. Creating my list towards the shoot.

Proposal 3

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 03.40.29


After revising my proposal I looked to do a shoot within the area of Birmingham. Although being that I had come up with a large list of places to visit I decided to split them over multiple days. Focusing my shoot around the city center I look to document the venues and any pieces like leaflets that are left to do with the scene. Although this shoot went well I did however get a large amount of images but with knowing I had some time I felt I would be able to capture the rest of the images within another shoot as there were so many locations of which to visit.


Speaking to Anthony again about my work he suggested that I try and play more with creating my image as it was not strong enough and did not represent the scene the way in which it could. This I felt was true as the scenes were quite busy and even though the places had a sense of entertainment involved they didn’t spring out at me for any special images.


With doing another shoot I then returned to the city center to capture more images this shoot I was unsatisfied with while I was shooting as even though I managed to capture some places that are still used such as the 02 academy some locations were nothing like they once were and did not connect to the project at all as compared to shooting any building. This shoot left me unhappy.


With giving it one more shot in Birmingham I decided to visit some of Birmingham’s most prominent venues that had also been mentioned in the articles as suggestions of some of the best venues in Birmingham. However, these venues were more of Birmingham’s music scene here and now rather than what remains’ of a music scene. So even though I had quite a few venues left to go in Birmingham I felt that the area was still too wide and I need to narrow down my idea more. Keeping to my 3rd proposal I decided to stick to it and instead narrow down the location to just Coventry a place I had not shot the music scene of before.



Before shooting any images I decided to visit the music museum, here I gained a lot of information of the local music scene of Coventry, as it resembled pieces of information that had created iconic times within Coventry. However with this I was also confused as a lot of the features included I felt did not really cover the scene of Coventry much as was a one off visit or someone passed through so felt the museum was not of much help to me. However, in with this I did see a timeline that was insightful and gave me the idea of using time through my work to help me portray the time difference within my images.

David Moore Revisit

With a revisit from David Moore the main point that I was told was that I needed to start shooting soon. That way I could move my work forward as I’d be able to narrow down my style and create my images to be able to see how the images would turn out within my mind’s eye.

Along with this apt I also had an apt with my lecturer Anthony. Here I showed him some images that I had shot in Redditch. From this I got the feedback of my images did not really show anything instead were just a range of places that had music up on them. Due to this I would need to shoot more but one of the locations, a music shop and music venue in one would be worth revisiting again but using a different time of day and light as that would impact on my images quite a bit. In turn I should try shooting it at dawn as that would make the sky more powerful and give a different tone to my images. In addition, it is important for me to capture the venues without people or cars within them, that way I would get a sense of emptiness. It was also suggested that my images would also need more play as at the time they looked like architectural shots rather than anything to do with entertainment so it might be worth trying to do something experimental like what Gillian Wearing had done with Dancing in Peckham.

Location research

This lead me on to looking for some research into Coventry’s music scene here I found many blogs that had been created in terms of the subject. These were hard to follow as they were not complete and were being spread out on to different sites plus I needed to scroll through each blog to the end to be able to find the information I needed making it a daunting challenge and hard to focus on with there being so much information on the sites. However, between the use of a site called Hobo on Coventry Music Archive Blog I managed to build up a lot of history from the site while Rex Borough’s website also added to the insight on the website to give me an indepth background and list of locations. Due to  the extensive list though I felt the best option was to try and narrow my list down again, this made me consider how none of the venues that use live music are based in the city center but instead are on the outskirts but are within the cv1 postcode, This made me decide to focus on live music venues within the area of CV1 to show how they now appear.

Cov  Memories

When looking for blogs or websites dedicated to Coventry’s music scene I came across a handful of forums based on reminiscing these included Retro wow, a style that I preferred as it reminded me of a style of diary that I felt added a sense of an intimacy. While Coventry Memories, Historic Coventry Forum and Fantazia gave comical stories associated with the times at the locations. Although I did not want to use someone else’s work so I decided instead of using any of their information I’d collect the gig dates, double check them with the band’s website to make sure. Then input this information while looking at the places the people reminiscing mentioned made me decide to use the venues as I felt they were the key ones being that people were reminiscing over so should build up the select locations to shoot.


Deciding that the area I wanted to cover was too big I decided to narrow it down to being just Coventry this was because I had done many shoots in Birmingham before so wanted to try somewhere new for the project. Where as up till now I had not looked at Coventry’s music scene and being that I was at the university I felt this might, as will be the route I choose that way it is created as a sort of local project.


Shoot 4 –Revisit of Locations

For this I felt that the shoot was too far out and covered too much of a large area though however when looking at forum’s I came across an interesting point of how there’s not really any venue’s in the city center itself but instead are on the outskirts even though they are still in the CV1 area. This narrowed my shoot down even further to this point. This led to me focusing on a range of locations so decided to go for about 2 places of each I could show a comparison between the two venues but show the venues over time.


With having already captured images but feeling that my idea was still all over the place and that the light was too bright on my images that it had caused a glare I decided to go to one of the venues I had missed and shoot it using a hood to block the light out. This I found worked well to a certain extent but also meant I was not able to zoom in and out without capturing a black ring around my image. However, in the process I did get one image that I was happy with so this created the basis for my work and has led to me wanting to capture my image like this one. However, in the process I also found that the places I had chosen for my work had all been given a new identity.  Giving me the idea that I would change the title of my project from being “What Remains?” to Another Time, Another Place” that way suggesting that the locations were once music venues but are not the ones they were back then or are not a music venue at all any more.


From now finally having one image I was happy with I decided to use my list to revisit other locations so I could capture the venues as I had captured them within the image that I was now happy with.



SHOOT 7 – 24TH

With going back to Coventry to shoot as it was a duller day I managed to capture more images as people weren’t out as much however with this I still had to wait around for the right lighting conditions and for people to be out of my way.



With finally being happy with how my work was going and having recalled Anthony saying how important the lighting was I decided to visit a few other places but captures the venues at night as this was the time when the gig’s took place. For this I decided to start with War Memorial park where of had Taryn Simon’s project Innocent Land’s in mind as I thought I could try capturing the image of an empty space but maybe show impressions in the ground as it is used often and holds the Godiva festival one weekend a year.

SHOOT 9 – 26TH

From going out to do a shoot I managed to capture images with different sky conditions. With this I found that a lot of my images did not work as the sky was too blue and gave too much of an upbeat day. However, I did manage to capture some with a dull tone when the sky wasn’t blue. This gave me of a rundown forgetting look so which I felt worked better.

SHOOT 10 –

From the weather conditions yesterday I decided it be best for me to go out and shoot again today, as it was duller, this I found worked better for me and managed to give me more images that suited the way my final images have started turning out.

SHOOT 11 –28TH

Going out to get some more images I found that one of the places I was trying to shoot had a car parked there. This had turned up from the shoot from the night before when I was shooting and was sat there over the amount of time allocated for the car to be there, leading me to cut my shoot short as I was not able to shoot the location I wanted and being that the Kasbah was also busy when I went round it meant that the venues were not able to be captured. This led to me visiting the locations for the next few days however in the process I found the car was still sat in the same place and that the owner found it more of funny that they were creating difficulties led to me to cut the venue out of the list when I came across another venue on the list.

Emma Critchley and David Rule Return

With two mentors being in I managed to get an apt with both. First off was David Rule, this apt did not start well as I was late seated for my apt as he was running late throughout the day so would start asking where people were as the class were scattered throughout the building. Meaning that when it came to being my apt he was still speaking to people in the list before me so I waited for when he asked where I was as he’d done up till that point by approaching people. Unaware that he had caught up to my apt and not knowing he was asking where I was even though I was seated close by I was asked why I wasn’t seated at his table for my apt meaning that I felt uncomfortable at the beginning of the apt.

With then talking to him I showed him a narrowed down list of my images for the final cut. Some of these he was happy with however ever though I said due to a malfunction with my own camera on my last shoot as I couldn’t get my images to go in focus at all even when testing my camera on auto to try and solve the issue, my images were appearing out of focus. After the shoot I had manage to sort it though so was going to revisit the location. Due to this some images I was going to reshoot but the concept for how they would appear was in the image, it was just out of focus.

While also being asked about why my images weren’t taken from the same angle. Of which the reason was because I felt the main focus of the image should be the door as that was the part where people queued to get into the shows and where the people entered the place to create the memories. From this I wanted that to be the main focus but still get the whole building in.

However, these images had all got a different focal length that was close to each other but had some sense of difference or in the taller buildings meant an angle shooting up from the ground. To this it was suggested I tried reshooting them again so to keep the same conformity throughout. However, having already considered this and my original plan was to shoot like this I informed David that I had tried it and even though with some it was possible, with others it wasn’t as for example “The Dog” is located in the shopping center and has a phone box located meters from it’s entrance due to this I wasn’t able to move further back to what I had as the phone box was in my way but I can work round it with my image as I had captured my image with a wider angle so to be able to crop it as I didn’t want my image to fit perfectly at the time as it was going to be a full page spread and I didn’t want white edges of the paper when printing so I had kept extra of the surrounding allowing the image to run into the bleed on the paper. Due to this it meant my image would be closer and would fit the same depth more. To this I got the response of it sounds like you’re just making excuses, of which I never do as I don’t feel the need to use excuses and felt was a rude remark leading me to wanting the apt to be over with as I felt that David was intentionally trying not to be helpful but instead deciding more of it was his way and not considering that the area is a built up place. This led to me responding with no I went there with the idea as what you have suggested in the first place but it was not possible to do as the phone box would have taken up more of the image than the focus of my image as it was directly in front of the door meaning that the photo would have been unsuccessful and pointless as it wouldn’t capture the venue but the intruding phone box. Leading to David then suggesting to move to the side to capture from a different angle and if the phone box was in then it was. Even though in turn this would make it that the image then didn’t fit with the other selection to go with it. Making me say I was keep the image as I was happy with it and felt it worked well within the set that I had chosen as my final images so far.

However, as a response I was told to try a reshoot it again but using a prime lens and reshoot the location.

As for Emma Critchley’s apt I felt this went better as she was more helpful and insightful. Here we spoke more about the text option and was told to consider how I placed the text as it was as important as the image and how would the design of the text be. For which I have not decided as of yet but I am considering using fonts and colour that represent the decade and style otherwise I am using the one basic style but it would depend on how it turns when trying it out alongside each other.

While in terms of my imagery it was suggested that I tried either a tilt-shift lens or a prime lens. Neither of these I had used before but being that prime had been suggested twice and even with the other apt not going well I was still open to the idea of practice to get the images as I wanted them. Leading me to ask about them where I found out the tilt shift would focus on what I wanted but also look up to the whole building. While the prime lens would mean that I could not alter the lens so I would have to work round it to be able to get the images, as I wanted them.





APT with Anthony









APT with Anthony

Use poster


Select images

With collecting the images together I have managed to narrow my options down to these select ones.


When it came to editing my images I decided to try some different style so through using the contrast and the clarity I altered my images to make them look more of a graphical style. This was so to give more of a renascent feel however this did not work as I planned.  So instead I decided to try the option of putting the clarity low so it would give more of a washed out effect in turn making my images look more like faded memories. With trying these options though I felt the images did not work out as I wanted them to so I decided to keep them as a raw option.


For the layout I considered the layout off my music program. As I felt and knew throughout the project that I wanted my work to be a book I felt the idea of a zine or a music program would fit best with my work.

IMG_4455 IMG_4457 IMG_4456 With viewing a music program I owned I decided I wanted to keep the theme of the text being neat but holding a sense of music. Yet at the same time I wanted it to also hold a neat feel making me use a squared layout that also used a square style keeping it in line with the other page.

However, with knowing that a music program is 30cm x 30cm I felt it did not work best with my images so I decided to change it to being an a3 size as it only altered the length.

Final piece

This is the final book that I created….


To go alongside my book as I felt it was not a main focal piece enough for it to stand on it’s own I decided to print an image as a poster. At first this was going to be an image of 2-tone graffiti being put on the walls of the main market as a way of representing the heritage so to have a sense of a juxtaposition where the main image advertises the heritage of the music scene however is nothing connected with the scene while yards away is an abandoned building that was the birth place to the 2-tone scene that is left empty and run down. Making my work think why is a scene that has nothing connected to the music considered more for the music compared to the place that is at the epicenter of the scene. Yet with speaking it through with Emma Critchley and Anthony I was told to drop this idea as the image was something for a separate project rather than fitting with this project. Leading me to ask Anthony’s opinion while in an apt where he suggested this image.

In turn allowing me to show the emptiness of the area during the day through the day using the book while at night the emptiness is shown through the poster.

With printing the pictures though I found that the library was not working properly so when it came to printing my images came out really dark. This led to me altering my image to see how it would work on the printer, in turn sending my image orange from the street lights so I decided before going to the printers I would take a trip to snappy snaps to get some test images printed to see how my images would turn out from printing there, making me decide on the original image as it looked more natural.


With trying to get my images, as I wanted them I kept putting off my deadline so that it went further back to the hand in date. In doing this I looked for local options that was I would not have to consider the time for postage as I could just collect my book. From this I came up with this list


Bobs books

Heron press – 0121 457 4810 – Monday to friday

Genie printing – 0121 224 4949

Print creative ltd –

Print design team –

Printcolour – do work for students

Print leaf – account suspended

Solo press – print online. Largest is a4 – very cheap

Minutemanpress   – no brochures etc

Stuprint – might be worth trying

Berrington print

We cost online – too expensive

Love 2 print – don’t print less that 50. Prints tickets

Service point – prints cd covers – too expensive

Kalkwik – don’t print

Hannah print – only print in quantity

Hello print – only print in large quantity

From this I decided to contact Print Colour with this I managed to get it arranged so to get my work printed by the Wednesday night. However, due to difficulties through InDesign causing unusual alterations on my images and text I was not able to send my work off.

With visiting the printers on the Friday I managed to get it sorted to get my images sorted to be ready for collection on the Monday afternoon. However, with contacting them on the Monday I found that my prints would not be ready so with visiting them again I found that even though the file I had saved all my images and text, as I wanted it. However, with putting it in their computer my text was becoming spaced and was not keeping hold of the font even though it was showing on my computer when I opened the same file and the file was saved as a pdf. Due to this it lead to spending two hours at the printers trying to sort a file where indesign did not try pixelating my images or removing the font type. This led to my images not being ready until the night before the deadline but I decided to go with it as I felt it be better pushing the limit rather than having an incorrect final product.

From this I got these two books… a small a5 version, a large a3 version and an a2 image of which from viewing the images I decide to have my main ones as the a5 book and the a2 poster.


After creating all my work I have decided to total up how much it cost me, here I managed to spend

about £100 on travel,

£20 on a new memory card £90 on printing

Mount board £5

Making it that my work was much cheaper than I expected however if I had more time it would cost me extra as I ran out of time before I tried to capture my images on film.

How final proposal has changed from the first

Since my first proposal my work has kept to the same theme of being about music and the identity within the architecture. However, when it started it was about the area in general and what remained yet over time and with an influence by different artists including Bernhard and Hilla Becher as well as David Spero my images have become to be narrowed down from the while of the whole of the West Midlands to being within the area of CV1 and instead of covering all of the surroundings for what remains my project has instead turned to being more or an architecture based project. In turn allowing me to do a project I enjoy through a way that is new to me.


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