Layout of Artists – Ideas gained

With compiling all my research together, there was a large amount to go through in terms of the photographers work but they seemed to be able to be compiled together into groups. Making me decide to print out my research and put them into these groups for me to be influenced and see how I could go about shooting my project.IMG_0060


Here these images I felt looked at more of the items left behind. This gave me the idea to focus on the items that had been left behind from nights out at popular venues to give a representation of what had happened. Otherwise look for remaining pieces from when the place was once a music venue or that connected to the building like leaflets that represent music, to try and build this connection to the venue and it’s past life.



While with these images I got the impression of the disuse of the building and how these places once had something happening in them as either someone living there, a music event or a trip to the beach but now the place is empty and the life is not held within as it once was. So instead capturing the life as it is removed.



This same idea was also given with these images however these were based


on the inside .

Leading me to consider shooting both the inside and outdoors.



With not being sure about entering empty property without permission IMG_0073I thought this idea might be worth trying of capturing the scene through the window to show the state of the building and the eminence of the inside but keeping the project to one side of the door.


As for these images I feel these were the strongest idea and instead of IMG_3142capturing what remained they instead looked at how the place had become capturing a sense of what remains but in the form of this is what’s left… when you look at this area there is a sense of these actions once happening at these places still remaining within the environment. This coincided with the impression of when people see a place they recall it as the good times they had even if the land don’t hold those memories an more.

Leading on to these images of how the places may not look like as they aIMG_3135re expected or in my idea, leading more to being something else and not how they once were.




While these images gave more of an idea of how to lay out my images.

Giving the impression of what once happened being in the form of a IMG_3132double exposure or overlaying bringing together a gig and an empty building.






Where as with the idea of capturing the outside and David Spero’s imagesIMG_0074

showing the surrounding area I felt it might be worth capturing the area and what lie’s around it to give a context of the environment that the area is in. Making me think of doing a panoramic of the scenes.


Finally with the idea coming into my work of time, these options looked to show a range of IMG_0080places and the familiarity in each place so that when viewing them you can tell that the places relate to each other. However, with the form of music and a large range of time my images would show more of how the places have changed over time.


In turn giving me a wide area in which to consider when it came to me shooting the locations I wanted to look at within my work.


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