With thinking of my idea for my FMP during the summer holidays, I was struggling with coming up with what it could be. With my interest being that I want to go into the area of music photography mainly, I also did my college FMP based on music. However, this option captured the live performance and due to having done this option before I felt I didn’t want to go down the same route again. Instead I wanted the idea to be different to the usual option and capture a different angle.

Thinking of ideas I came up with some options….

• Emotional nature – looking at the expression (like done with phonar)
• Music importance from people’s points of view – musicians, fans, other people that work in music
• Life without music
• Capture the music scene at the moment
• Past music scene

Keeping in mind that my symposium is based on subculture, I was interested by the aspect for the culture of music.
During my research I came across a key aspect…
When watching Dave Grohl’s documentary Sonic Highway he spoke of how when he was growing up he’d go to an area local to him. That was the place to be if interested in music, where you could get all the fashions, music or you’d see artists hanging out. Yet now he’s older, as he’s grown up the world has changed, it’s been developed to make it new or to fit more with the times and in this case a shopping mall has been built in the place where this rich heritage was. Something that was commonly mentioned as different places in America whether be Dave Grohl or Elvis Presley to what Carnaby Street and King’s Road are to fashion and music.

This resonated with me, as even though I don’t know the area that Dave Grohl’s fond of, it doesn’t matter where you go this happens often and reminded me of an article I read by Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath. He was helping support keeping a pub local to me that I had frequented open, as it is itself rich in musical heritage.

It’s a place where many bands like Black Sabbath or members of Led Zeppelin started out before their bands name even came about. The venue became the place where the members or band came into their own and helped them become who they are now starting the musicians off on a road to become iconic to the local area and country. Bringing tourism to in this case Birmingham, but the venue itself although gaining it’s history and earning it’s place within society and tourism on top of running as the local pub is still looking to be demolished to make way for ideas that will bring in tourism.

Raising the point, isn’t the venue like it whether it’s a club, pub or anywhere else going to help bring in tourism?
While how important is the heritage?

As Birmingham is known for its heritage of music but at the same time except the odd piece every now and again you don’t see much to commemorate or in appreciation of what has helped make the place what it is. Something I have noticed happens often in many areas.

This has bought about my idea of capturing “What Remains?” where I will locate the places in which have been supportive to music within the area of the West Midlands and hold history as the “place to be”. Then go there and photograph them as they are now so to show what is now left of places that were once popular and that has created many fond memories for people or helped make the place what it has become known for.


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