For my Final Major Project I decided to look at photographing the way in which popular music scenes have changed over time and how their identity have become to be something different through the redevelopment of the area. However, even with a change of the area the building still holds a resemblance to how the venue used to look. Due to this I created a project based on a music booklet that portrayed a collection of gigs that were iconic. That once took place at the venues while showing the appearance of the venues nowadays. So that the audience views the venues as they are now rather than the memory but combines the place with the memory of recollecting how they have seen artists perform whether on tv or through performance in turn making my work play on the viewer’s memory.


This is due to select venues being the place to visit as with Kasbah in Coventry, O2 academies throughout the country or the arena in London for locations that the artists tend to frequent most often. While these locations bring the money in or the fact society is a time based on showing ‘I was there when … happened’ while the country looks to represent and support the heritage or times that have made the area popular like famous musicians starting out but instead removing the places these people started out at. Giving my work the chance to say these are the places that create the heritage and yet this identity is being removed from them and is not considered as much as it should be.


In turn this work relates to contemporary photographic practice through the concept of portraying places that have been a common haunt for many but the economical or impact of society has led to each place being closed. Linking my work with the theme of derelict buildings, especially that of the style of Alec Soth’s Theatre project or Troy Paiva’s Abandoned America and David Spero’s project based on churches. However, my project looks to capture more of how the buildings have become rather than them being empty locations that still hold the original identity. Here it captures more of the same theme of David Spero’s of a place that doesn’t hold the identity associated with the venue. Yet to begin with there was a concept in mind of Bernhard and Hilla Becher’s to show the reoccurring theme that is held between the industry of music venues. While even though this was the original idea this did not get captured within my imagery but has had some impact on the layout of the imagery.


Due to the change in my work my concept took many different routes during the time. A strength for me was that from knowing the area that I wanted to go in with my work I had an idea from the beginning of what I wanted my project to be about, capturing the memories and time. However, even with this idea and my symposium being able to support and encourage my idea, my idea to me felt to be lacking something within the insight. While another weakness during the project was how I found it hard to focus on my FMP to begin with when I had time available to complete my work till May as compared to deadlines that were sooner so I tended to put off doing my FMP to focus on those modules and in turn lost time that I could have spent on my FMP. In addition, the time I spent on doing my sketchbook meant I also lost out on time that I could have used on shooting instead. However, at the time I felt as though the research would help me build on my work more to make it a stronger concept. Pushing my aim to finish in time further back towards the deadline and even though I came close to my deadline by the end from having to focus on the layout and set-up of the image more than what I usually do. I became more pedantic about the layout and getting the right conditions or set-up even if having to wait hours for the conditions to be how I wanted them. Leading me to feel that I was not prepared to print my work until I was completely happy with it.


In turn with many difficulties to overcome I am quite happy with the final outcome and how my projects turned out. I feel that even though I’ve completed my FMP to the point of the deadline and created a final product, my project is one I can carry on with and look at different angles. Such as the way music is portrayed in areas or looking at other places and how they represent music in their area to move my project forward rather than just finishing it on the day of hand in.


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