Proposal 1 Feedback

From speaking about this with Anthony, I was given a list of names in which to research for artists who had done work along the same idea as mine. It was also suggested that I use Large and Medium format cameras to see how the images pan out for me compared to digital. While I put my thoughts across of…

• Work out in a wider area (West Midlands) to see how the areas look different.
• Narrow it down to Coventry
• Look inside and try and create the feeling of memories are still active (in a sort of The
Shining Dance Scene
• Document anything that is still left of the place that gives an impression of it once
being there.

From this it was suggested that I go for:
• The option of creating the images from the outside within a set format.
• Look at how different types of music look different within the area (music venues for Jazz compared to 2 tone).


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