Talk with Daniel and Research from it

Back in lesson this week we were given mentors based on what we had pitched the week before with our proposals. For this my mentor was Daniel Campbell Blight.

As except for the week of both mentors,  Daniel and Kate speaking about what their work is about in terms of their interest, they had not met us before. So didn’t know much about us.

To start with we had a group talk between those Daniel was mentoring about our ideas and how we felt about doing the symposium including any general issues?


In a group discussion Daniel suggested that we looked at this book, as it gave insight into a range of topics. On viewing it I found…

  • For Benjamin, the work of photography should be the unmasking of appearances, not making myths through appearance PAGE 124

Showing what an identity really means and what the person wants to say.

  • The decisive moment in social photography is asking what we are doing there? Suggesting that a photograph is not just taken in performance but also in terms I was their I have the images to prove it. PAGE 54

Giving me ideas which to consider within my ideas as a reason for the images being created. As looking at performance in terms of the audience are there for a personal gain rather than just the entertainment.

Due to Daniel not knowing me when having an apt, he asked me what I was interests in.

Looking into making my work personal I’ve decided to think deeper compared to what I told him. Basically though my interest is within music photography. This other than darkroom (from studying Forensic Science) was my first introduction to photography. This way had managed to capture my interest through the appeal created with music and lighting. While also the appeal of lighting to co-inside with performance. When seeing my first gig I was captivated by the lighting. From different bands performances I saw how each artists created different scenes with the lighting compared to the other artist. This was expressive to me and with each gig I became more and more captivated.

However, maybe through my introduction through photography also being from the forensic basis or maybe my interest in showing the truth or portraying the truth from different angles. I have also come to be interested in documentary photography but did not want to keep it of being this is what was in that area, this is where it was placed. Instead my interest in trying new things meant I wanted to capture the every day and having an interest in what I see going on in society in more of anthropological way led me to want to focus on society.

Yet as I have mentioned I have also become interested in experimentation due to enjoying new experiences. So even though I am interested in the terms of documentary, performance and events photography. I don’t want to just keep my interests to that area and prefer to tackle new interests making it that I want to cover new areas within my photography by throwing myself into areas I’m not use to.

However, after telling Daniel I was interested in documentary and music, he suggested these two book to me

  • 70’s were grim and dull
  • Manchester starved souls grabbed for whatever stimulus or sparkle they could find: fashion, books, exotic music, drugs. PAGE 45
  • Audiences wanted bands they could cling onto like private property.

This book even though it wasn’t informative in terms of photography it gave an insight into the music scene of the time. Explaining why the music was the way it was and how people related to it.

While when looking for these books I also came across this book that was with them on the shelf.

  • This book I found was interesting to read as it gave a psychological look into music explaining how it has become important in both culture and people’s lives as they grow up. While explaining where it started from, for music to be an important interest in life.



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