Talk About Work, Proposal, Direction

With going into lesson this morning I was asked to present my idea to the class, Daniel and another lecturer, George. For this they wanted us to talk about the idea to get feedback. As at the time I felt more comfortable to write everything in a word doc as I went along and post it as a later date. All I had to show was a word doc with a lot of research. As I felt this would be hard to present I decided to just talk about my idea and what I had done up till now. With a range of different ideas coming together and could see that my ideas were over lapping I decided to explain. Now I have decided to write a new proposal so to move it forward and cover more of where my research has over lapped.

Proposal 2

After relooking at my proposal I needed to make it more recent to show the route in which my work was going. This is the version that I created.

proposal 2


From speaking about my ideas through presentations and with my research and with relooking at my proposal I started to consider different options of what route I could take. These went along the route of:

  1. Why does music and photography work hand in hand so that many musicians tend to become photographers?
  2. How has music impacted on fashion through photography?

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