Music and Fashion Talk With Kate

Having an apt with the other mentor Kate about what route to go, she suggested the option of fashion as there would be more research available to me. However, this would turn my work to mainly being fashion rather than music which was an aspect that didn’t suit my idea so well when fitting it alongside my plans for my Final Major Project and Phonar work. I did decide to carry on with this idea to see if I could find something that fitted with what I was thinking more for how I wanted my work to go.

Here I got the pointers of:

  • Consider the culture at the time so to contextualize what their image was showing.
  • Keep the nationality all the same so that it ran more smoothly.
  • Plus look at the Sex Pistols for their affect on the punk era and connection with fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood.

Turning my research to be more about music and fashion.


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