More Research – Idea 2

  • This is what celebrities are really awarded for. A celebrity’s ‘act’ readily spills from ‘real life’ to ‘screen life’ because there is no distinction to be made here between private and public spheres. In fact, a celebrity’s raison d’etre is to erase such distinctions. Celebrities are made-up creatures, fictions from the very start and to the very end. We own them PAGE 93.

Gives the idea of a celebrity is someone who can leave the common dream and hold a sense of ore but at the same time show that their life is no different to the audience.

Over all this book gave some good examples of case studies that could be used to show how fans, especially ones with a high amount of money will pay a large amount to have memorabilia of select events due to the items resonating with them because of the music. Due to this it is quote useful and makes you think about how far will people go for reasons because of music but doesn’t hold much impact on my work in terms of photography.

  • Masks are a way of survival…The face is something to portray the person and something to hide behind PAGE 290

Giving an idea of what identity is about.

This book looks at the portrayal of women within rock music. The way in which they show themselves and give themselves a certain look or identity as the way to perceive them.  Along with the way in which the identity can be used to express thoughts from a different point of view as the “hunter is the hunted”. Focusing on how the identity can be used to express thoughts and opinions to consider the other aspect to what is usually seen.

This book I found was really interesting in terms of the aspect of fashion and music within culture and how musicians in particular female musicians present themselves and why they do so. Adding a spin on not only why the fans create an appearance for how they do but also why the originators create their look. However, even though this book is highly insightful on my idea. I don’t feel it was in terms of televising as I was expecting it to be about.

  • The most dynamic and enduring rock stars have developed iconic costumes that clearly identify them as mythical characters who satisfy the psychic thirst for larger-than-life human symbol. The costumes not only help fans enter a realm of wonder and catharsis, they simply transform the performer into something other than his or her ordinary self. (PAGE 9)

Gives the idea of the celebrity world being a better world, that the dream is an amazing ideolisation.

  • Working class hero wore clothes that represented the people and themselves as they could represent it most of all – Bruce Springsteen was key for this.

Showing the musician as being the same but being allowed to speak out about what they feel.

From this book I got the aspect of fashion and why an artist creates an image before it becomes iconic. Although it hasn’t stood out with any information so to follow it on from it has helped connect two of my ideas together and suggested some musicians along with made me think of the trends within fashion so to move my research forward.

Reading about working class heroes made me decide to then check out the book with the same title…


With reading about how people related to music and wanted to be like the artist I came across this book looking at how Bruce Springsteen relates to his fans. Here I got the points of:

Politics used music to make change and to get votes

Youth rebelled and the youth that wasn’t for rebellion rebelled against the rebellion `(flower revolution).

Culture was based on looking to be an individual and different from anyone else

Revolution was taking part on records not the streets

You’d never had it so good – money had most worth but took advantage of it- government caused debt

Music was one of the only businesses to do well during the recession

Music came about escapism rather than reflection

This talks about how music is influenced by society to influence the behavior of people who in turn influence society. Giving an understand of how all music is the same way within culture rather than just punk but it works to different extent such as passive or out spoken.


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