This book I found was interesting due to how it looks at how music needs fans and the emotional impact it has. Giving a deeper meaning to music and giving meaning to the title representing using music to represent how they feel even if they don’t want to feel like it or as a way of presenting their day to them. The book was insightful however it spoke as more of talking about the context rather than being available in quotes or strong points to my work.

  • Talks of how music has moved with society so to portray the time. Alongside how the music is dependent on the way the fan perceives it on a leisure basis and that of expressing their own emotional feeling of identity.
  • This book was more of an essay that had cropped up many times throughout books I had read for my research so felt it was key for me to look at. From reading it though I found it talked of subculture as a part of society through fashion and in relation to music. It is mainly seen in terms of ethnicity and works to bring them together. It didn’t hold any prominent points that I could reference but felt more of the originator of where my research that I had looked at had started off. It did give the idea for what I wanted my symposium to be about for how music and fashion works together and creates an identity. As a way of saying what fashion is about in terms of music.

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