However, while keeping my work personal to my interest I don’t want it to be just about me so, over time I have come up with ideas that I can focus my work on. These are:


This idea means that while I am able to say it for myself, music is known as a common way in which to help people. Where no matter which way you look you will see adverts for headphones or ipods.

This one informs the viewer that there is a new ipod coming out which suggests that the ipod is part of the dna through the letters being printed in the finger prints. Where each colour shows a different colour to the ipod to inform prospective buyers of some of the colours in the range. Along with giving the impression of how any nationality wants an ipod that creates a connection through people. Suggesting all being at the finger tips.

Where as this one suggests that each silhouette is a person having a private party within their heads through their ipods. As each colour suggests their interest within what colour they prefer saying information about the person through what they like. While the silhouette tells you about their fashion but the silhouette removes an identity saying having an ipod is fashionable but any one who views the poster wants to be part of the community happening in the posters.

Walking along a route you will encounter many people listening to their music, sometimes hear people playing music in their cars and shops always has music on as a sort of inviting approach for shoppers to come in. In my local shopping area, the arcades have even been designed to have an aertex look to the ceiling which actually allows the ceiling to play music at a volume so the people when walking through or past can hear the sounds of cheerful uplifting songs.  


Making me question what effect does the music have on society? Why and how do people relate to each other so to form connections with people and how is it shown through not only people but also the area in general?


As the main reason for me to come to university was to try new things! In particular my love for specific areas of photography, led to me mainly focusing on them during my time at college. I wanted to look at an area which even though I am interested in I don’t tend to look at much as it is not something I know much about.  Throwing myself in deep with this option.

This option allows me to look at the area of fashion where the main question is “what makes an icon?” not only in terms of the artist’s music career but also their image like with David Bowie. His time as Ziggy Stardust is iconic due to how he has presented himself within imagery.

David Bowie as the glam rocker Ziggy Stardust

    As his imagery has allowed him to express many different points within one simple look but with just a glance you can say that is ‘Bowie’ or ‘Ziggy’ without any doubt. While also photographers like Mick Rock and David LaChapelle have been allowed to become famous from the imagery they have created to make them famous or iconic for their work in the field.

        Queen by Mick Rock

          This is one of Queen’s most famous images associated with their most famous song Bohemian Rhapsody.
          When thinking of the band Queen, this image is usually associated with it but due to this fame, Mick Rock along with other images as popular as this one has become a known name in music photography.

Maybach by David LaChapelle

LaChapelle is known for working with celebrities from different areas of entertainment. Building up the sets from the foundations while using saturated colours to create realistic scenes in cartoon like ways that play on the subject photographed


To go alongside this module is a smaller module called phonar. Where we are predominantly working with social media to create our work as a way of us working in the here and now with photography. Doing this at the same time has made me think about the arguments that appear between musician and photographer. The rules of photography such as 3 songs, no flash or how people question the role of the photographer. When the audiences have their own cameras out also. Making me question the topic about why documentation is so important of the event, if so many images are needed, and why?

4. However, this documentation option also makes me think about established photographers and artist plus some photographers work. Including Mick Rock or Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers to Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones paintings. Where Mick Rock has captured imagery outside of the performance

David Bowie and Mick Summer travelling between gigs by Mick  Rock

and Nicky Wire has created a book of polaroids taken throughout their music career. Before the gig, in the studio, before the promo, travelling, writing. Literally documenting the whole of their career.

Nicky Wire

Where as Ronnie Wood when not performing creates artwork based on his performance with his band(s) so that even in his time of not working with music he is still working with music.

Making me wonder why music and photography are so important to each other that they work hand in hand and many famous musicians have become photographers or artists of some sort.


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