For this my idea is to focus on my interest of music! This is due to me turning to music quite often within my life to help support me through good and bad times. As I feel I am able to relate to it when I can’t explain what I want to say but can always find music that relates or says it. While being a relaxer or calming experience if I feel nervous as well as an uplifting time if I am enjoying myself. Music allows me to express myself and build on set backs in myself working to help me over come them. Even though what could be going through is something personal, others  experience it and music says it better or helps connect with others who have been through the same thing. On the other hand it allows me to escape from the experience to have time alone where all I need to focus on is personal sounds in my earphones. Allowing me to think back to the good times, dream of the life I wish to have in the future.

Music is the area in which I want to go into as a photographer to combine my two interests together. Due to this I have decided to form my modules this year on the idea of music so that they run coherently but looking at music through different angles. To create a whole piece of work to views an overall look at music.


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