Through my interest in photography books especially music ones and with my love for the music of pretty much every welsh rock band. I had already got a book that I thought would be a unique angle to look at. Focusing on Nicky Wire book ‘A Manic’s Diary’ based on images taken throughout the career up till now of the band by either him, his band mates, photographer’s or friends. All compiled together into a chronological order of Polaroid’s documenting the behaviour and attitude of the band.

These images of Nicky Wire’s showed collectively of them becoming more of a band as well as their time creating the imagery.

With looking into music photography previously to this I also knew of other photographer’s such as Melissa Auf Der Maur from hole who had also become a photographer while on tour and knowing that there was quite a few others. Each of which have documented their bands performance.

While people like Mick Rock had created famous images such as the one of David Bowie and Mick Ronson travelling while dressed as their alter ego’s captured something unique and interesting in their imagery. A sort of icon within every day life. Which made me want to look into these images more

This image was taken during the two musicians travelling between events from London to Aberdeen during the last tour of Ziggy Stardust. In it you see David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) and Mick Ronson dressed in their usual attire of glitz and glamour. Wearing clothing reminiscent of the 1970’s making them look psychedelic. Where with image being in black and white the knowing of the look from the iconic style and the context known to travel between destinations means that even without the rush of colours being include you still see  the bright bold colours jumping out. However, to run in with the mundane look surrounding the image of the location of a worn train and the mundane meals being eaten gives the impression of a rockstar living a typical life instead of a life from another world.


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