Glam Research

Turning back to my original research, I looked more into the music and glamour option as it was rich in research more than the other angles and was helpful in enforcing the idea of style.

  • Elvis Presley started off the idea of style
  • Dressing like your rock idols meant you were or aspired to be a kindred spirit – James Henke (Vice President of Exhibitions and Curator Affairs The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Cleveland, Ohio
  • The Beatles Sargent Pepper bought costume into Rock (Page 23)
  • Mick Jagger bought in the feminine approach after wearing a smock.
  • KISS – followed the heavy metal theme got an army called the kiss army

This book I found was informative in the aspect on fashion and where it originates. Along with how the fans take on the style of looking like their artist. Making me think of  the work of James Mollison The Disciples.


Also looking into Glam I came across the book for the past exhibition at Tate Liverpool Gallery. This was insightful about the genre and informative on the work being shown at the event so you understood and saw what was being displayed even though the exhibition had finished. However I decided to look to see what the gallery still had of the event. With a quick look I soon came up on peoples thoughts and reviews including the Gallery advertising itself and newspapers such as The Guardian. Giving me insight from people who had visited the exhibition.


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