Deeper Research Idea 2 – Music and Glamour

Thinking of how musicians are iconic for their fashion as well as music. I looked at books that spoke about the ones who have come to represent a genre or a length of time within music.


Artists =         

  • David Bowie                       
  • Slash
  • Black Sabbath 
  • Led Zeppelin
  • The Beatles
  • Rolling Stones
    • This one speaks of musicians who are key to the Rock & Roll scene. Looking at how their image was interpreted, as well as the image they tried to represent. While also looking at how the artist became to be known and the popularity or response they received. Along with mentioning the person effect on the music scene. This gave me an idea for what musicians to look at so to narrow it down.
        • DJ Alan Freed is credited with inventing the term Rock ‘n’ Roll although it was used before then in Black American slang.
    • This book I felt wasn’t really that helpful as it was a lot like the previous book however within the first few pages I read I came across this point which I thought was something interesting to consider.


        • While this book added in more context about the artist through creating an a-z of artists and events and their impact on music. Speaking of the artist’s most influential hits and how well they did in the music industry. So even though it didn’t inform my final piece when it came to writing it did inform more of my understanding of each musician.

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