Deeper Research – Idea 1

Starting with the idea of MUSIC’S EFFECT ON SOCIETY I gained a list of books.

Thinking about the way in which society is influenced and with the basic idea from the book “Practices of Looking” and my ideas. I have got it into my head about considering the idea of advertising the way in which music is seen through people’s behaviour or locations in an area so to in turn represent the place .


As suggested with the title I was given the insight in which clothing gives context about a person and informs people about the person wearing the clothing. Explaining it as being the way a person exhibit’s oneself with time and who they are as the clothing can represent age, gender, life experiences etc. This I felt was an interesting angle to look at due to it bringing in the aspect of fashion but in terms of the audience rather than the iconic musician. Along with combining two of my ideas into one.

  • This book I felt was insightful as it gave a theory analysis of music within culture. However, I do feel I need to look deeper into angles to try and understand them more but does give an idea as to the cultural aspect of how people understand it even if from only a male aspect being explained through the book.
  • With thinking of culture I felt this book would give the impression on how music and culture work together but in more of a theoretical form. From reading the book though I got the impression of fans of which are spoken, as predominantly men become fans so to reach out to a life they wish they had. The music expresses their opinion on society etc. While also saying that a child hearing music before birth creates a realm from another world. It’s the first language they know from music being played or nursery rhymes.
  • Subculture is a way of giving expression outside them selves

showing that people can portray what they think and feel without saying anything


A more collective communal identity? Page 100

This book I found was insightful for directing my research forward. As it spoke of music as an identity and that people become generations defined by popular music. While also knowledge of genre’s can mean acceptance by people of the same music culture. At the same time keeping it all in terms of advertising and looking at how advertising of music has an affect on people. Meaning that this book is one I am looking to maybe return to or to follow my research on from where it started off.


With this book I wasn’t expecting it to be really helpful, as I wasn’t looking at club scenes. However, with reading it I found it to be perfect for compiling an understanding of music and society in general.

  • Subcultural ideologies are a means by which youth imagine their own and other social groups asserting their distinctive character and affirming that they are not anonymous members of an undifferentiated mass. (Thompson 1990:7). (Page 10)

Showing that subcultures are a group of people who relate and understand each other while supporting each other due to common interest.

  • Subcultral capitals fuel rebellion against, or rather escape from, the trappings of parental class. Page 12

Giving a reason for why subculture came about.

  • The experience of musical authenticity is perceived as a cure both for alienation (because it offers feeling of community) (Page 26)

Giving connection and socialising people so they have people to talk to about common ground.

  • ‘live’ was short for living. First affirmed that live performance was full of energy and potential. Became the truth of music. Seed of genuine culture. (Page 41-42)

Creating an energy within the music and giving a life to people who wanted entertainment.

  • Merchandise has been around since 1960s…became integral in 1980’s (Page 49)
  • Gaze of the audience has been turned back on itself. Watching and being seen are key pleasures. (Page 65)

The audience enjoy what they go to see but also hold a sense of I was there, these scenes hold my memory etc.

  • Every sub-culture breeds its own moral panic, every moral panic is stereotyped by its own devil drug.  (i-D June 1990) (Page 134)

Showing a lack of understanding draws on worry for what is starting out.

  • Rolling Stones… dirty, irascible, rebellious and threatening according to Andrew Loog Oldman (cf. Norman 1993)(Page 136)

Even iconic stars today are once like the musicians that are starting out even with the backlash.

  • Word-of-mouth is considered the consummate medium of the underground (Page 138)

If you’re in the know then you are worth being involved but if it is over popular then it loses it’s authenticity as it isn’t as secretive then.

When looking at this book I thought it would be solely based on club scenes as suggested by the title. However, I decided to have a look into it and found it was really helpful as it incorporated many points that I found were interesting to use. It was also informative on many areas from culture to performance on stage and recorded music. Within a simplistic clear insight but also analytically. Due to this it has become my main book of reference so far throughout my research.

  • Rock music is neither a music reflection of reality nor mere entertainment page 73

Draws on a connection of what can relate to as well as enjoy the time escaping the scenes.

  • Commercialism has become key in music

Musicians need publicity to survive and make their living without it they won’t be established to live off their music or to become known.

  • One of the myths about rock music is that it arises spontaneously out of the common experience of musicians and fans Page 91

Showing that it isn’t only about the fans but the relation to what is being said.

This book I found was interesting to read in terms of culture as it bought together the idea of commercialism and advertising with how it impacts on society. It also linked in with previous books Photography by Stephen Bull and Club Cultures through the name Dick Hebridge.  Sending my research into a route in which to travel for sure on the next step of findings for my work. This book also gave me some quotes in which to consider including.


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