Learning Outcome Evaluation

For phonar I needed to cover five learning objectives so to fulfill the brief. These were based around narrative and social media as a way of expressing the work created.

This module worked out well as I managed to create a range of posts through twitter that I later formed into storify articles to include in my blog posts. Going alongside articles was my evaluation of the talks which included my thoughts. From this I enjoyed using twitter as it is something that I use often so felt comfortable using it but managed to make it more beneficial for my photography.  While at the same time I was not a fan of using storify as even though I was able to use the basic tools I was unclear throughout on how to use it as I didn’t prepare myself before the term.

For my third outcome I was asked to create a photographic narrative using a range of analytical and practical tools, which I did through a main task where I focused on the Post Photographic Portrait. This I related to my interest of music, while considering Robbie Cooper point of immersing yourself in photography alongside the point for knowing your subject well. Due to the theme of music and expression being a theme throughout my work and life I was able to relate the idea to my own behavior and local area. Making me happy with the outcome especially as I could incorporate a new format for the final outcome.  This in-depth look on my main task also lead to fulfilling my second outcome (alongside working with Vikki Simkiss on the sensory mashup) identifying key issues to express the message in my imagery considering the importance that my task spoke about. The problem of how music is  seen as being over the top reaction rather than a in-depth feeling. Including how my task itself helped explain the outcome through creating pieces showing emotional reactions and how the popularity means music is everywhere. Plus what would happen if my task didn’t go ahead which would be how people may not understand how music is an expression of how someone feels. Due to this task I also managed to fulfill the fourth outcome of creating pieces in response to the projects set along with other tasks that fit the fourth outcome that led up to creating the final Post Photographic task.

Finally using this evaluation, other evaluations throughout, evaluations (in learning outcome one) based on the lectures and articles. Moreover, evaluating each task I managed to cover the fifth final outcome.

This to me made it more possible to fulfill the outcomes as we were given many options available throughout to fit the brief. Along with the many chances to hear practitioner’s insight, use social media and new mediums to the usual options available.

However, in this there was also the issue of getting sidetracked easily at the beginning and not understanding the platform of storify well enough to use it to its full capacity. Over the term though I did become more controlled over myself and understood storify better.

To help organize my work so to understand which fitted which outcome I created this post that brings the outcomes and posts together more clearly.



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