Post Photographic Portrait

For my final task I decided to change from doing the Bending the Frame tasks to doing the Post Photographic Portrait task. This was as I felt this option was more suited to me as I prefer to work with music.


The task was to create a piece of work as I felt fit that incorporated a piece of music.

This is the music being performed by Laura Ritchie.


From the talks that I had heard, the key point that stood out to me was that of being immersed in the subject and being something that had knowledge in as mentioned by Robbie Copper. This gave me the idea of creating a piece based on the emotional outcome however I wasn’t sure how to go about the piece.


To move this forward as a piece based on the task we had to consider three terms. Here I also added my idea of the task of what I have thought of through this…



The problem that my portrait piece is focused around is how life is mediated so much that people don’t consider the way in which music can help express someone or the emotional impact it can have on a person.


For this my piece will show the importance and effect music can have on someone so to help them come through times whether good or bad. This will also form my final outcome for the task.



In doing this it will create a visual bridge between understanding the emotional impact on music and what it is such a popularized culture, that people turn to in good times and bad. If this task were not done then people would be disconnected from a key means of expressing themselves.



Due to this I will create 3 gifs that will show three happenings that everyone is use to. Each one will be based around a person; they will also be in colour so to express the mood. The one will be based on a routine of a day-to-day life that incorporates how much music is involved. The other two will be more experimental and show the one side as being happy with an upbeat sound to sow a good day while the other will show life falling apart around them and yet still turning to music to help through this even though the music will express the mood. In way of the music I will take parts from Jill Jarman’s Cello piece performed by Laura Ritchie that I will alter so to fit with my 3 different gifs.




Through the idea of films and imagery many pieces are based on the idea of using sound or music so to incorporate a set emotion whether it be sadness, happiness, danger or any other theme as shown in this clip. 

This was my starting idea to form the importance of music around as an emotional effect.



Looking into the effect music has on people, I found many psychological talks that I feel also fit in with my FMP and Symposium, but the one that stood out to me the most was the environmental effect through the news article of music helping plants to grow or by killing them. This showed that the plants mainly survived who listened to Black Sabbath.


Which made me consider the opinion given by sound of aggression and raw for rock, cheerful for pop and classical for a calming effect. This combined with music I listen to myself made me think how I could alter the sound to come up with more of an honest sound through other sounds.



With some extra searching I came across a artist called Martin Klimas, project. He had looked at the response of using sound to create an experimental theme through seeing how different tunes from classical to rock tempo helped move paint around to create an image on its own.



From looking at my research I have been given ideas of how music can help things grow like the future or help destroy items such as plants, going by the scientific research which helped build on the form of building and destroying in my two emotional clips. The idea throughout the term and from the paint project.

Has led me to consider going for more of a theme of looking at an animation rather than a gif as it gives more time to incorporate the narrative through time and also works better with the sound.

While from films I have watched, I have the idea of now having the sound reminiscent of a film scene to help add the emotional tone to the imagery I create.



To start off with I decided to listen to the music to give me a starting point. Leading me on to forming the sad sound so to turn it to sound similar to black and white films audio. To go alongside it I also felt it be worth trying to create the happy audio. This one I felt was more difficult to do with the sound but through altering the speed and cutting it up more I managed to create a piece that sounded more productive than happy but at the same time have a more cheerful tone to it.


Technical Aspect

After creating my audio in Adobe Premiere I went to the imagery of which I felt would fit best as a gif. Making me design images in Adobe Flash. However, from my research I wanted to go a more experimental aspect other than just using a different medium so I designed it to look rougher to give a more honest aspect.

Bearing in mind from first creating footage for the tasks, the response was given of the shortest length should be 30 seconds and the largest 2 minutes in length. I decided the best option was to split the time between the three videos, the two animations being the shortest at 30 seconds and the third being around the same length of time but a tiny bit longer depending on images.

Due to having problems coming up with ideas for the happy theme I decided to create a map of ideas.


While with the sad option the idea was clearer, I wanted it to be based on the aspect of music being there to support as the listener felt like their world was falling apart. This gave me the idea of the surroundings falling down.  To give this more form of upset alongside sound as I went along designing the idea and fitting it with the sound my idea developed more of the tears forming into bricks.


Returning to the happy piece I had more of the idea from the map to what to include in the images. This led me to go for the option of being productive that you start cleaning and rearranging. This fitted together with other options made me turn cleaning into building the world as an opposite affect to the sad video but to make it more familiar to happy and music I had the idea of happy including celebrations being key brining in the idea of socializing and a house party. However, in the length needed to create the pieces made me change from a gif to an animation.  For this I had to draw each scene separately but due to the tools of pasting in place or allowing an image to fit over many slides at once, made the images easier to create.


To give more of an explanation to my imagery I had also had the idea of including a documentary piece to show a realistic approach to go alongside the experimental emotional piece to show how much music is incorporated into people’s lives. Focusing on going out and about I returned to the unphotographable idea of following a route and taking images along the way. Doing this I looked out for music features that are familiar to the area of Birmingham, being that it’s my backyard and where i’m more use to. Plus has a rich background of music.


Leading me to go out for the day shooting images capturing a set of pieces that created a route from the bus stop to a event happening alongside capturing anything that seemed unusual.




Having the idea of music in day to day life and music identity throughout I felt that I wanted to create everyday sounds through music, so to incorporate experimental in with the documentary.  The mention in lesson that the music could be incorporated with other music or sounds so to fit the piece, made me turn to the album of Nine Inch Nails instrumental album Ghosts. Including in this the joke made in response about the sound of industrial music sounding like sounds you hear in every day life like building yards. I took the sounds and merged them together, slowed them down, sped them up to fit the theme. Hearing the speed of one sound reminded me of the traveling speed from Faith No More’s song Stripsearch.  giving more of an experimental traveling option to fit throughout the video. Giving me a basis, this with other ideas of common themes that you hear throughout I bought the pieces together to form my route with transitions to help the idea of moving in and out of music. This gave me my final third video.

These are my final videos.




In the end I came up with three videos that ranged from 30 seconds to 42 seconds length. These were two animations one happy, one sad and the final one being a documentary piece.


Over all I was happy with the sound for the emotional pieces as they sounded raw and gave more expression in the set up. I was also happy with the final merge of the documentary video sound as it held the experimental approach with it and fitted well with the imagery that I had created.

However, with this I was not completely satisfied with the outcomes as the imagery for the animation seemed to rough and didn’t hold the detail in it that I wanted. On top of this in parts the audio sounded larger than I wanted at times and was not much of a wide range in altering the volume.

Due to this if I were to do the project again I would prefer to be able to have more time to spend on it so to add the more detail in it the images so to look more pristine to the ones that I have created. I would also like to create different sound by having a wider sound range available to use so to have a more optimistic audio available. Within the time frame that I had I am happy with the pieces that I created.



4 thoughts on “Post Photographic Portrait

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  2. The animations were really engaging and demonstrated various ways that the music could be interpreted. I believe that you were successful in reaching the aims you set out for yourself 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed these videos! I am certainly not qualified in any way to comment what you did as far as the classwork, but from a performer’s point of view there is a strange sense of the music that you (I) get when playing it and when listening and watching, in my mind I feel all of what I feel if I was playing the piece in normal time, but sped up – as you have the music. -and sometimes that is how the sensation of performing goes. It doesn’t work in linear time. Sometimes things last forever (or feel like they do) and other times a whole long piece feels like it is over in seconds. In the first video, this resonated with me as something that is like a ‘pre-performance’ state, because when performing sometimes you can be aware of internal processes – like either the adrenaline and your pulse, or just thoughts – but then in the performance those ‘extra’ things get pushed out in performance.

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