Evaluation of Phonar

For a module I have to work on the theme of Phonar or Photography and Narrative. This was mainly based around social media where we had to use social media to partake in the lessons. Through listening to different audios of practitioners talking about their work and thought of photography in general.


From doing the lessons this way I enjoyed the idea of working with social media as it meant I could use something that I use for entertainment as way to do my work so was more of a way of keeping me interested. This idea of combing a social aspect with lesson also kept me interested as I could multitask of subconsciously take in part while doing something in a format other than a document. Making it more of a comfort to use and my focus was better. In this theme of hearing practitioners ways of working and insight into their photography also gave more information as a way in which to improve my own photography through the option of sharing. Adding the sharing aspect also meant that I found it easier to type out information as I had to jump from typing to reading more swiftly so to keep up to speed with the audio.


However, I also had problems working with the social media aspect as it meant I could easily get distracted by my social trends rather than my lesson. I also found it hard to work with new social sites, as I hadn’t checked them out before the term so did not know how to use them so while dealing with taking in the information I also had to look at getting use to the format of the presenting to the work. Due to this I spent less time blogging and ended up becoming rusty on using wordpress.


If I were to do this module differently then I would spend more time before the module so to get use to the format before it came to using it. Alongside being more controlled of myself at the beginning so to be more focused. My focus as I got use to the term however did get better.



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