Session 7

In this lecture that was tweeted we heard from Marcus Bleasdale and Aaron Huey. From this the points raised were:


  • Teach people but entertainment is key
  • Need a personal level to engage
  • Have to be passionate

HUEY: Both Huey and Bleasdale feel that if you want to capture strong imagery you need to be passionate about the subject. So that you can enforce your feeling into the imagery.

KHAMISSERand RITCHIN: Khamisser believes in passing on the knowledge as a storyteller and that photography allows for this to happen. Which is similar to Bleasdale who wants to pass on the knowledge of wrongdoing so that the behavior stops happening through public involvement. Bringing about Ritchin’s idea of revolution by using imagery to be useful.

CAMPBELL: Feels that an image needs to convey information to the viewer while Bleasdale’s imagery is used to teach, inform and bring activities to peoples attention. Campbell also feels that it’s harder to immerse ourselves which Bleasdale agrees with so looks to have his work entertain so to capture the interest.

RITCHIN: Campbell and Bleasdale’s thought also bring around the idea of Ritchin’s point for “change the world by describe it differently” this though is in a different way as Ritchin feels you have to look for a different point of view where as Bleasdale’s point is more literal of turning the world to a cartoon, magazine, PlayStation game etc. but what ever gets peoples attention is the form the imagery needs to be shown in.

I was interested in this lecture by the way that Marcus Bleasdale uses many different forms so to show his work. Something of which I am interested in myself and like to do with my imagery but keeping it relevant can sometimes be tricky but Bleasdale’s work shows how it can be a successful outcome. I also felt that the work being entertaining is key as for someone who finds it hard to sit and focus on one thing I do like to have the process be entertaining so that I can take it in or to be able to do multiple tasks in the process.


  •   You have to have risk
  • Tool to reach new communities. No editing say what want
  • Confront those who don’t consider. Magazine subscribers already see same point

ALAM: Both Alam and Huey feel that your imagery has to be based on passion and enriched by it so to get the message across. They both also agree that photography is a tool to help reach others although Alam sees it as more of a way to communicate with other, Huey feels the best options is to confront.

KHAMISSEY: Khamissey you know them best this is the opposite of Huey who feels that it doesn’t matter if it’s local or not so long as you have the passion on the subject and understanding. He does though believe you can get some of your best images local to you and don’t need to travel to get the ones you want.

From this talk there wasn’t much that interested me other than the idea of risk is something I find entertaining but something I don’t incorporate in my work. Yet I feel I should actually push my boundaries more as I enjoy practicing new things and trying unusual activities.


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