Acceptance of Art

Even though this is not photography related I felt it fitted in well with the subject and the route in which art like music and photography is going.


Starting in phonar we heard the route in which we compare the present to the past, we also heard throughout that context is key and we have to immerse ourselves in the subject.

In photography we have to immerse ourselves otherwise our images don’t hold the depth and emotional connection that we need, the best way to do that is to go through the route of photographing what we know about and what we experience.

Bringing about the main article from Bob Geldof and Adele, Geldof is known for his support to help those who are less fortunate but has got backlash from people both Africans and western country famous and none so for this latest release of Band Aid’s single Do They Know It’s Christmas.

This version is almost identical except for the odd word to the original about supporting the African countries were struggling most decades ago. Here the song was new and accepted as it got to the point in which people could agree with and which Geldof had experienced him-self. Later on though the second version of the original song still had support as it still raised the same point and bought about the fact poverty was still happening.


2014 Version

However, in the latest version, backlash happened as the latest song was still the same as the original (a familiar song associated with poverty) even though words had been changed but as Geldof had less connection to the subject, it didn’t had the depth and instead the media reported backlash that happened. This I found interesting to see as a popular song made to be useful went from being popular being tarnished by backlash and insults within moments. This although hearing about it put the point across of how important the context and depth of knowledge and connection is to the subject.

Alongside this within a close time frame Iggy Pop spoke about the future in which music is going so that it is hard to make a living from it as a musician as the money is all going to advertising pockets like social media so they cant afford to support themselves in the career and as I hear of more and more bands I love splitting, I as a fan of music see and agree with his insight in this. Yet while this is seen in Iggy Pop’s point of view the up and coming future of music, the idea of giving away music is seen to be not accepted either as was shown with U2 and Apple.


Here U2 gave away their latest album for free through iTunes as a way of supporting apple releasing a new product. Here the album was used to help advertise the new product and as a kind gesture people who used iTunes got a gift yet instead of this being the case people felt they had the music forced upon them even though they could easily delete it without problems.


This idea of giving away music reminded me of the idea of creative commons where items like music, photography etc is made available for anyone to use as the original creator sees fit. However, the idea of then passing it on without being word of mouth or just clicking across a search that may link seems unacceptable so raises questions in general for any art…


How do you share your art without getting a backlash?

What is more important the context or the connection?

What is the future of art so that we can take part in what we want to do so to make it a career and afford to be able to do it but still share what we want to say with others at the same time?



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