Session 5 – Task (BTF PRESENT)

To follow on from last weeks task I this time created a reframing the present task this was based on music as its my main interest. Here I thought about common points raised and thought about how much music is popularised by television media with shows like X Factor. For this I went for the point of view many relate with music and the programs.

This task was also tricky as I felt it didn’t fit together so to run smoothly however the context that was said was clear. This one though was easier to create compared to the previous task as it was based on the here and now instead of the past so had more piece of information available. However, due to popular opinion in the media, there was more insight on Simon Cowells part so was not able to create a piece based on Elton John’s opinion as from what I could find was the news speaking or Pierce Morgan’s questioning otherwise written format so did not fit the format of the other two videos of the subject speaking the thoughts.



As an option between two tasks, I decided to go for the option of  “Bending The Frame” as it fitted my theme of work better than the other option available.  With the Bending the Frame option I had to create a piece of footage based on an event in the past but where we now know the outcome to be different to what it was before. Then use the footage from the previous event to show the now known fact. This was the theme throughout but with the present being flipping the opinion on an outcome and the future option being something that we know will change.


This task I found interesting to do as it allowed me to create an outcome that was not previously available although was known knowledge or common theme. Making these pieces was also something different to do as it allowed me to create events that happened before and after my time as well as allowing me to consider other options available as well as just the normal opinions usually made.


In this task I did also have problems with creating the different audios I tried to create as the option for the past, as before my time or not in common conversation now so made me have to think hard of what I could use for my work. On top of this the past footage also didn’t have much footage available, as the Internet was not available so access to past footage wasn’t allowed.  While with the present option the media control meant that the popularized point of view was spoken about more so I wasn’t able to create the imagery for the opposing option due to there being minimal to none audio footage.


If I was to do this task again then I would focus on completing the option to start with as I changed to a new theme instead of creating the futuristic option as I felt the new topic based around music was more appropriate for my interest and future projects. However, on top of this I would also look to create better pieces by using my time to focus more on detail to get the sound I wanted more as the final pieces sounded rushed. As well as look spend more time researching my subject so there was a familiar theme throughout the pieces instead of war and music which didn’t correlate. For a first attempt at using more than one piece of audio though means I did try a new task and gives me the ability and strength to move forward.


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