Task – Reframing The Past

For a task I was asked to create a piece based on the past and how the public was lead to believe one thing but insight it became to be actually happening differently. This to me reminded me of what I had read on the Falklands war of how the war was only won by the UK being more use to the weather so lasted longer. However, the Falklands was seen as the UK being the strongest force and better prepared instead of a case of luck. So from sourcing media pieces I created the point of view of how the war was won. Here is what I created.


This task I found hard to create as majority of the audio was from the British side of which I could find. While the bit I could find for the Argentinian was in Spanish so I could not understand it either. This meant I was not able to create the piece from both sides. On top of this there was not much footage as the internet was not available so the speeches etc. weren’t stored on it and are not available as they are nowadays.


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