Preparation – Lebanon Missing

Lebanon Missing

Didn’t think what Lebanese were doing was bad at the time

More than 200 militants, Israel, Phalanges, South Lebanon etc were there.

Came in the house asking people’s religion before taking the children.

Took children, even before dressed (Amina Hassan Barat) of people, attacked them before trucks were full.

If Krishner’s were kidnapped., Muslims were kidnapped to wait for exchange. If they were killed, reaction would kill the others.

No remorse over the death or parents upset.

Didn’t see children again… would have gave the life if knew would never see them again

Parents never knew that the children were in the custody.

Buried in mass graves in unknown graves.

Want a sign remembrance and if not alive, why were they killed.

Started 17th September. Took away 1000 young men and boys within 4 days.

Since 2005 there have been sit-ins outside UN Embassy


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