Preparation – Lisa Potts – Nursury Nurse

Here I have listened to a talk by Lisa Pott’s about a dramatic time in her life.
1996 – wolves – nursuary nurse – blackly

Deprived, difficult area, crime, mental health issues

Typical scene

Builds description, builds tension

Not much security

School is a school not a prison

Jumps the fence, carrying a knife, looks like toy


Attacked the parents

Instinct kicks in

Adrenalin is key

Pain is out the window – severely injured

Went after a mum

Wanted to hurt people

Attack on children

Doing her job

Affected the other teacher

Turned and walked out

She ran but he went after her and hit her head

He walked out over the 3ft fence out the 6ft fence

48 hours later

Terror at home time

8 mins entering to paramedics arriving

Everything is happening but youre removed – outer body experience

Frightened children hiding

Found more weapons, petrol bombs – luckily lost his bag

Other rooms still busy working

Didn’t realize what had happened

Little boy may not have survived but did

Where is the man?

More bothered by her clothes

Community changed in minutes

Is it a nightmare, is she back at home, when will she wake up safe at home

Repeat surgery

Learn everything again

Asking at hospital is he after me?

World’s media about to ascend

Doesn’t understand the need for the press

Sea of press. Watching later. Not realizing its her

Fake cctv except one. Entered the school and left but had hidden. He was watching the caos from the pipes

Police and dog found him

People knew him – wasn’t a threat just a little strange

One of strangest things painted his car with pink imulsion

Clear memory – photographic memory

Wore a trilby with bolts screwed in

The grimmest look on his face – anger being taken out on them

Schizophrenic unnoticed that had done drugs and given it up

Didn’t know what he was doing except wanting to attacking and killing him

Court 6 months

Relearnt doing everything

Hounded by the press. Messages of well wishes, famous over night.

So much to deal with

Returning to the school set in

Recommended for awards

Got experience but didn’t want to take advantage

Tell the story as it is

Was a tragedy involving children

Unusual experience with guilt

Family liaison officer

Never been inside a court

Media following her

Terrified as one of the main – don’t look at him her mum says but does the opposite

He seemed a different person – smaller and ill.

Felt as though created a huge man

Gave her the weapon and engraved was 666 kills the filthy beast

Parents crying as she recalls the story

You don’t know what you’d do unless faced with it.

Both teachers felt could have done more. Guilt

Suffered from it

Watchers suffered more as was helpless

Trilby made him think he was a German soldier in control. The children called him celibate. Perp knew what hed done but didn’t understand

He was stopped by Lisa Potts getting in the way

He wanted to kill her

Sentenced to 7 attempts of murder.

She almost felt sorry for him – never had the support network

Media has questions – is this it. How does she escape, is that all she is Went back to her normal life

From hearing the recording of Lisa Potts talking I didn’t know what to make of it mainly, I just felt that it was quite sad but at the same time it was lucky. Hearing of an event that was so traumatic and that had had a lasting effect of someone just made me feel that they were brave to talk about it yet it had a sense of shock about it. I was also confused with how it related to photography until it was pointed out that to tell someone else’s sad moment you must be able to speak of your own. This seemed like an obvious point but is never something that is considered although subconsciously you know it.

In my opinion, I thought that for someone to do such a thing was courageous as I feel as even I have sad moments and of the most I feel I am able to talk about it to a point. At the same time, maybe a sense of being young or not knowing each side to the story but from my own perspective it tends to create a sense of anger in me. Even though my story is not something as alarming as Lisa Potts story, the feelings my experience creates means I am not able to, not as an open option.

However, from listening to the way she spoke about it, the repetition of key events and the fluency made me think of how to layout my story. The best way I felt was to put it as being poetic or in the style of a song as this is something that pulls me through my dark moments. While the repetition was also key in repeating the many times in which my story plays on my mind.


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