Article – Helping the visually impaired

In the talk we heard about how we have become disconnected through social media. This alongside games and images seen through social media and the news is removing the effect that is desired for us to want to make a change as we start to see the scenes regularly. However, although this is true, I came across this article where the tool of social tools like google maps, gps systems and even Bluetooth is used to help visually impaired people around with less difficulty. Making it of what we take to rely on as a way of living as have to use to be up with technology is now becoming available so people who actual need the tool are able to use them and at same time are able to connect more with the world as people without disability. Which is all being done through the tool of painting an image through sound so that they can imagine what the world looks like better without having to second-guess them selves as much. Making it that social media is becoming to not only be a sort of socializing but a way of life to be useful.



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