For the second task I have been asked to create a piece based on being unphotographable. This is due to the scenes being seen by the author but as they hadn’t got a camera at hand they never took the image so instead created a website so to give a project for people to incorporate the scenes as they see fit.

My main problem with this was mainly based on the being Americanized so I ruled them options out. For this though I did see a piece that I felt dominated the world especially with terrorism being a common talking point and the idea of a camera being something that makes people question what someone is doing. For this I went to my local train station and captured images that I felt were everyday scenes such as sitting waiting that don’t cause people a chance to think but due to different angles, makes a scene become more controlled through security. This is the video I created.


Even though I liked this video I did find another option that I felt was more experimental. This piece was based on capturing images along a route but saying you’ll come back, get the picture later, and never do so or not getting the image for another reason. This I have done myself many times.

This option I felt would work better by creating it through Google maps so to represent the area. This thoughI wanted to be interactive but as I wasn’t sure how to do it so it turned into a slide from a powerpoint presentation that linked from a map on the first page that was collaged of the images.  Afterwards I then placed the locations on each image so to make it look more like an exhibition scene.  Yet to go with the theme of the website and decided to show only the locations of the images but not the scene I wanted to capture.

To make the piece better I would look to see how I could make it more interactive as to export the piece it turned into a video rather than the interactive image. However, other than that I was happy with the outcome that I got.


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