Session 1

Why Phonar?


Habits – Something enforced in you that it becomes regular behavior

Some are already instilled

Most photographers keep their pictures on Facebook (social media)

A photographer is someone that has passion

Everyone takes pictures so is a kind of photographer nowadays

Habits can define us – become a slave to them. We inherit them. They are someone’s solutions to a problem.

Systems don’t want us to think for ourselves

Think outside the system

A photograph is physical, 2D, black and white, monotone or coloured, ages, fixed in time and bounded by the edges of a frame.

A photograph is more it is data. An image holds information –

Kodak employed about 140,000 people at its peak and was worth 48 billion. They also invented first digital camera.

Difference between a photograph and an image – an image is what is captured a photograph is what is held

Stephen Mayes – a photograph is more experimental. It is more experience than evidence. Phone is integral to this nowadays.

More people think photography is dead than alive

4.5 million photographs uploaded every day to Flicker in 2011

51 million register members on flicker

6 billion photographs on flicker

A photograph is circular

Cropped into rectangles or squares, as they are easier to ship around.

The mode of delivery has shaped the way we perceive the mode of information

Photography isn’t dead but the mode of business is

Commerce has shaped the way we see media

We go by the typical frame seen

Martial McClueen – we travel looking in the rear view media. We only understand new media in terms of old media.

  • Challenge = Too see the world differently we have to describe a world differently.

Non – linear De-sensualized media environment

Author, subject and reader will evolve – triangular relationship.

Everyone has the potential to be a photo supplier.

A photographer is different by their perspective to everyone else’s. The understanding is key.

Trained in visual literacy or visual fluency.

Trans media – a story is told on multiple platforms like fan fiction.

Most people tell a literal story from beginning to end.

A trans media story – starts your own story, see someone on the rout follow their story, find someone else follow their story.

You have to have contextual understanding to be believable.

You have to be most trusted by people most interested in what you want to say.

When everybody is connected and a supplier you must be heard.

When you’re trusted people will tell you their stories.

When you’re connected you can build platforms and hubs.

Moves you from being a supplier.

Others can tell their own story at the same time in a hub so to interact with others with stories as they are bought together.

Most valuable images are the ones passed onto others (children)

The aesthetic of August Sanders work has become so popular it is trusted on its own.

Some images are to be believed but you have to question culture.

Consider how others interpret them

Photography has the potential to change the world.

Story – downloaded all work put boxes on a sheet and uploaded as a test paper. Didn’t do any work before that. The class came along and collaborated till they got it all perfect. The guy passed the exam and the class passed with the highest grade. Person was Mark Zuckenburg he almost failed the lesson for Facebook.

Collaboration works best!

This I found to be interesting as the collaboration is key it has managed to build many options to interact with others that have become regular to use slike Facebook. Something majority of society use out of habit and have taken too as it is part of culture, so that we are all connected to each other and something I am prone to use myself. However, this is seen as a way to relax and have a laugh, talk about anything no matter how simplistic or serious yet at the same time the task that people take part here is shown to be of benefit to be a strong force and the best way to work.

While in the basis of photography the collaboration and interaction builds a stronger piece of work as more people connect with it and more have insight. The insight also means the image is better understood from more peoples perspectives being included even though the idea of being a photographer is singular, yet a photograph needs multiple people to build the image with key insight. Something I feel I’ve become better at doing as compared to starting out when I went through the typical insight of what if someone takes my images without consent. To now being it is a group effort from all parties involved.


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