Sensory Mashup

As a task we were set to work in pairs on a task of creating imagery through a lack of senses. For this I focused on captured the imagery while Vikki Simkiss focused on capturing the sound. This gave us this work that was formed into a video.


Here we thought about what areas would be interesting without having control of our full set of senses as usual. This was made even more interesting due to the bad weather at the time from the wind and the rain.


However, what we didn’t think about was creating a narrative making me want to return to the project again at a latter date and trying the task again but with more of a narrative involved.


This time I’ll be more prepared also as the impact of losing one of my senses was daunting especially as both my eyes and ears are the main ones I use. Especially my eye sight as I use earplugs for many hours of the day. Even though it does make me rely on my remaining senses more I do realize I don’t want to have to deal with lack of eye sight or hearing as it be difficult for me to come to terms with but the reliance of a sensory more is another way of being inventive.

Attempt 2
This version I am happier with as it had a sense of a narrative to go with it. 


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